2016 Year in Review: KikiKEFI

Chief KEFI Correspondent Kiki Vale spread the KEFI and kept us going all year long. Let’s take a look back at KikiKEFI 2016.


KikiKEFI 2016

Chief KEFI Columnist Kiki Vale gave us lots of inspiration in the past year, and showed us ways to cultivate KEFI in our lives. Did you cultivate KEFI in your own life? Tell us in the comments how Kiki inspired KEFI in your life. Let’s take a look back at KEFI 2016.


KikiKEFI 2016


KEFI: 55th Wedding Anniversary – PERSEVERANCE

Kiki started the year celebrating her parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. In January, she discussed family, commitment, and perseverance, plus some tips we learned this holiday season. Read more

KEFI: Creativity and Passion Inspire Hellenistic Ethos

Read about an energetic, talented, and larger-than-life artist who reignites one’s inner Hellenistic ethos through his beautiful jewelry. Perhaps you have seen Konstantino’s work. Read more

KEFI: Wrestler

In today’s dose of Kiki KEFI, we’ll examine a sport of the gods. A sport that required discipline, plus mental and physical agility, in order to win. You’re wondering what KEFI  has to do with a wrestler? Read on… Read more

KEFI: Who Has A Bright Future?

In today’s dose of Kiki KEFI, we’ll reflect on an honorable invitation that made me think about college, what it takes to be the best, and is there only one path to a bright future. Read more


If KEFI had a color it would be yellow, due its positive and energetic properties. Let’s talk about yellow. Read more

KEFI: Get it through Vibrant Summer Skin

Here we’ll talk about how to get KEFI from the sun — and safely, with tips on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Read more

#KefiLife for Longevity: Live to 100!

This time, let’s talk about how a KEFI-filled life can help you live to 100. #KefiLife is a recipe for longevity! Read more

KIKI KEFI: Ways to Cultivate KEFI-Family

Today,  let’s reflect on KEFI-Family and 4 ways you can cultivate KEFI in your household. Read more


Get Kefi Kiki Vale KikiKEFI

KikiKEFI 2016: Let’s keep it going

Thanks, Kiki for re-igniting our passion for life, and inspiring KEFI. We sure got the KEFI flowing! Share with us below how you got your KEFI flowing this year. Kiki will be back in 2017 with more tips to help you live the #KefiLife. Here’s to KEFI 2017!

Check out HOLIDAY KEFI: Essential Oils Give You Positive Energy For The Holidays, Kiki’s piece on Frankincense and Myrrh in Special Christmas Issue 2016. Live through January 7, 2017.

Questions about KEFILife? Essential oils? Contact Kiki. Website, Email

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