4th Greek Dinner Around the World this January 15

4th Greek Dinner Around the World

Be part of the world’s largest dinner party celebrating Greek people and culture. The 4th  Greek Dinner Around the World will take place on January 15.

4th Greek Dinner Around the World

The 4th annual Greek Dinner Around the World will take place on January 15, 2017. Last year we told you about this initiative to share the wonders of Greek culture, wine, and cuisine. It’s that time of year again! Get ready to spread the kefi, share the good news about Greece, and help your friends get their OPA on.

The concept came from Writer/Photographer Keri Douglas, who is also the founder and publisher of 9MusesNews.com. Back in 2013, the idea came to her.

What if all of your friends from around the world could share a dinner — virtually of course — and celebrate the amazing world of all things Greek?”


4th Greek Dinner Around the World
Join in on the world’s biggest simultaneous celebration of Grek culture, during the 4th Greek Dinner Around the World. PHOTO: PIXABAY


Idea takes shape

The first Marjory McGinn (readers will recall her books about her adventures in the Peloponnese),plus Mary Platis, a.k.a California Greek Girl, a chef, cookbook author, and blogger; and our friend Peter Minaki of Kalofagas, discussing ways to promote each other’s work. More people got involved, including including Yorgos Koropoulis of Maleas Olive Oil. Keri said she couldn’t possibly name all the people that jumped in enthusiastically.

The idea caught fire, and restaurants got involved, offering half-priced wine to all patrons.

That first year, more than 100 people posted pictures on social media of their Greek dinner. A yearly tradition was born. Keri wrote about the growing popularity.

“Every year more people join chefs, authors, business leaders, award winning olive oil companies, artists, software engineers, scientists, diplomats and more to recognize the extraordinary gifts the Greek people and culture has shared for centuries.”


Honor Greek people, culture

Keri hopes that the incredible generosity and philoxenia of Greeks, even during the economic crisis, will inspire more people to participate.

“There is nothing more extraordinary than the generosity and perseverance of the Greek community to overcome these challenges with resilience while at the same time caring for thousands of refugees fleeing wars and conflicts. It is my hope that we welcome everyone to the table, honor their talents and gifts, recognize and support each other.”


4th Greek Dinner Around the World party rules

It’s easy to join in the fun. Here are the rules:

  • Promise to host a dinner party at home or a local Greek restaurant.
  • Share your story.
  • Connect with others.
  • Introduce new partners to the dinner party.
  • Share and promote others.
  • Be inspired.
  • If you are able, purchase a Greek item from a Greek in Greece or purchase something Greek in your own town.
  • Use the power of social media to do good. Let people know of extraordinary Greeks in Greece or aboard; Greek inspiration either in culture or business in your own area; and, share your knowledge of how ancient Greek cultures is every where in western civilization.


Here’s how to connect:

Twitter: Subscribe and follow the list of dinner party hosts
Facebook: Follow, share photos, and comments
Pinterest: Need a recipe or beautiful image? Search #GreekDinnerAroundtheWorld
Hashtags: #GreekDinner #Jan15 #GreekDinnerAroundtheWorld

We’ll share your photos on social media too, and post highlights of this worldwide event. Email them to us.

Keri said that those new to the party can send her questions. Also, don’t forget to tag her on social media, and to share or RT her posts. Spread the word by sharing a photo and invite others to join. If you wish to be added to the master dinner party list – send your name, city, and a business link.


Double the fun: partner with a Greek entity

Another way to make this more fun and to foster goodwill, is to partner with another Greek entity.

“Join forces with a Greek city, business, creative, non-profit, etc. — one dinner host around the world ‘partners’ with a Greek entity as well as promotes others. The partnership could include donating to a non-profit, promotes a product, or in general raises awareness of Greeks culture and community.”

If you have a Greek restaurant or store and want to get the word out about your participation, send us an email. We’ll post it on social media.


Let’s OPA at 4th Greek Dinner Around the World

Get ready to show your best dance moves, your great culinary or hosting skills, and share your love of Greece. Let’s get our OPA on! The 4th Greek Dinner Around the World is this January 15. Join the party!

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