App Enhances Museum Experience

Greek ingenuity led to the creation of Clio Muse, a new tour guide app created with the goal to bring people back into museums.

A common hitch when visiting museums is that whilst exhibits may be interesting or even exciting, often enough exhibit labels are packed with unfamiliar names, words, references and other facts, making it thus difficult to comprehend what we are seeing, and eventually giving up.


But what if there was an application that could change all this? Clio Muse does exactly that! It is a tour guide app that curates the best cultural stories for indoor and outdoor tours, sharing with the visitor brief and succinct stories for select exhibits or points of interest from around the world.
Clio Muse was created by Andreas Fatouros, a conservator of Antiquities and Works of Art, Theodoti-Daphne Tsevreni, a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business and Yiannis Nikolopoulos, an Electrical and Computer Engineer. They met at Startup Weekend Next and decided to combine their knowledge to bring people back inside museums.

What differentiates the award winning Clio Muse from other tour guide applications is that it goes beyond the typical or strictly scientific information and focuses on intriguing stories in relation to exhibits, rousing visitor interest without boring or intimidating them.
Forget huge descriptions with irrelevant information: no story lasts longer than 20 seconds. Users of the museum app can decide how much information they need, vote for their favourite stories and share the experience through social networks. Cultural institutions can analyze and evaluate the statistics gathered by the app, so as to adjust their exhibitions or make future plans.
The app is free.

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