Dr. Marilyn Prodromos Running for Re-election in Winnetka

Winnetka dental surgeon Dr. Marilyn Prodromos is running a re-election campaign as village trustee.

Dr.Marilyn Prodromos (Campaign photo)
Dr. Marilyn Prodromos (Campaign photo)

Meet Dr. Marilyn Prodromos

Noted Greek American Dr. Marilyn Prodromos was first elected as a trustee in 2014 in the Village of Winnetka, a north shore suburb not far from Chicago’s far north border. This March 15, she’ll appear on the ballot running for re-election as an independent on the “Winnetka Independents” slate along with two other candidates, Carol Fessler and Kristin Ziv.
“I ultimately decided to run as an independent again to allow me to continue the progress of my first term unencumbered by Caucus philosophies with which I often disagree. I look forward to continuing to work hard to further advance our village during a second term.” ~ Dr. Marilyn Prodromos,in a campaign statement
A University of Illinois undergrad, Dr. Prodromos achieved her DDS at Loyola University of Chicago, completing a dental surgery residency at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center. At Rush, she served as an instructor in the Department of General Surgery and was an Adjunct Attending Dental Surgeon. She also worked in private practice.
Dr. Prodromos married prominent Chicago area orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Chadwick Prodromos and the couple produced two daughters, Lexi and Stephany, both of whom are at university. The family is very active in the Greek community. Marilyn is currently co-chair of the Chicago chapter of the National Hellenic Society and formerly served as President of the Greek school board of Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church. Many in the Greek community are familiar with Lexy and Stephany, classically-trained vocalists who have entertained audiences at various Greek American philanthropic events.

An exemplary record of achievement

In business and the civic community, Marilyn has exhibited an exemplary record of involvement. She’s been a member of the Winnetka Auxiliary of the Women’s Board of Rush University Medical Center since 2002, where she also served as Secretary, and was Chair of the Cook’s Tour Raffle. She also served on the Strategic Planning Committee. Marilyn is a longtime member of the Miseracordia Women’s Board and the Winnetka Club (formerly Women’s Club). Her business acumen has been enhanced through her work as a member of the board of directors at Howard Savings Bank as well as being a North Shore board member of the Northwestern University Settlement House.
A 19-year resident of Winnetka, Marilyn has served as a liaison for the Village Council to the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce, the Business Community Development Commission, and the Economic Development Committee. She’s made revitalization of the downtown business district a priority, citing the need to streamline regulatory hurdles to better attract commerce.
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Terry Poulos

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Terry Poulos

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