Award-winning Greek Film ‘Worlds Apart’ Comes to the U.S.

‘Worlds Apart’, the award-winning Greek film by Christopher Papakaliatis, opens in Chicago on February 3. Maria Constantinides spoke to him about the film.

Greek film ‘Worlds Apart’

Scriptwriters possess a compelling passion to tell their stories. Christopher Papakaliatis is the creative genius who intertwines love with the socio-economic crisis in Greece. ‘Worlds Apart’ is the second feature film by the multi-talented Christopher, who also directed, co-produced, and starred in this romantic drama.

Set in Athens, ‘Worlds Apart’ follows three generations of foreigners who visit Greece and fall in love with Greeks and Greece. The seemingly independent narratives soon become bound by a surprising plot twist. The economic and refugee crises, affecting the European Union in general, test the depths of the characters’ human compassion and their ability to find unexpected love.

In writing the script, Christopher was challenged by the complexity of bringing together different cultures and languages in a confluent and believable structure, to “create a universal story where the audience relates to both the foreign and Greek characters.” The dialogue is in both Greek and English, to convey authenticity in the characters’ feelings and thoughts.



Worlds Apart Greek Film by Christopher Papakaliatis
The Award-winning Greek Film ‘Worlds Apart’ has already opened in L.A. and New York. It opens in Chicago on February 3. COURTESY: CINEMA LIBRE


Meet the characters

Daphne (Niki Vakali) is a young Greek woman who has just started her university studies in political science. She is rescued by Farris (Tawfeek Barhom), a Syrian refugee. Soon after, they become “crisis-crossed” lovers who are confronted with the harsh realities of Greece’s financial collapse and the increasing socio-political challenges created by the daily influx of immigrants. Rising tensions and discontent create the perfect storm for an explosion of chaos and human cruelty.

Georgios (Christopher Papakaliatis) is a loving father and estranged spouse working for a company that is downsizing. With no prospect of finding other employment in these harsh times, the question of survival lies in the decisions made by Elise (Andrea Osvart), the corporate terminator.

Maria (Maria Kavogianni) is a distraught homemaker who does not know how she will feed and care for her family. She meets Sebastian (J.K. Simmons) at a supermarket. The two romantic souls are ripe to experience a poignant and endearing love, despite their language barrier.


Love is strong enough to break barriers

The director would like his audience to take away the fact that human connections are central to our survival and that love gives us the ability to overcome all barriers. In this trilogy, love creates a haven of peace and tranquility, momentary escapes from a world fraught with uncertainty and human hardships.


Making ‘Worlds Apart’

The film’s $1.8 million budget was underwritten by Alpha TV, Aegean Airlines, and OTE TV.  “Worlds Apart” was produced by Kostas Sousoulas, Christopher Papakaliatis, Dorothea Paschalidou, and Chris Papavasilou.  Its U.S. distributor is Cinema Libre Studio in Los Angeles.

Christopher praised highly the Greek crews, film artists, and cast members. He expressed gratitude to Academy Award-winning actor, J.S. Simmons, for his generosity of talent and kindness. The film crew flew to Prague to make a live recording of the music score by Kostas Christides, which was performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

The director offered his creative philosophy to those who are interested in the film industry.

“In order to pursue your passion, you must listen to your inner voice.”

‘Worlds Apart’ in Chicago

‘Worlds Apart’ will premiere in Chicago on Friday, February 3, 2017, at 7:30 pm, at AMC River East 21, located at 322 E. Illinois Street in Chicago.  It will have multiple screenings for a week and possibly longer. ‘Worlds Apart’ has screened in L.A., and currently, the film is in its third-week run in New York City.

Christopher will be present for a Q & A session, following the 7:30 p.m. screenings, on February 3 and February 4.

Watch the trailer.


Maria Constantinides

Maria Constantinides

Maria Constantinides has contributed to numerous publications, including GreekCircle magazine and She has served on the boards of the University of Chicago Parents Association, The Greek Women’s University Club, and The Route 66 Theatre Company. As a contributing member of various committees, Maria has written and edited copy on diversity, communication, and by-laws, as well as a historical book. As a PR and Marketing Consultant, she works with many local organizations.

She has two adult sons who are pursuing their passions. Maria enjoys traveling with the purpose of interacting with the locals and learning more about the people and their rich heritage, be it in the U.S. or abroad.
Maria Constantinides

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