HPSI Makes a Resurgence

The Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois (HPSI) is back!


Many have been asking what happened to HPSI. One of Illinois oldest organizations is regrouping to support area professionals of Greek descent.


What is HPSI?


The Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois (HPSI) was founded in 1925 by a small group of professionals who shared a love of conversation, intellectual debate, and a thirst for knowledge, beauty and wisdom. It’s one of the longest surviving organizations of the Chicago Hellenic Community.


Their mission is to uphold the honor and dignity of the professions represented by its membership; to cultivate a spirit of good fellowship; to encourage and promote education and learning and to cooperate with other organizations of professional people in promoting the arts, letter and sciences, especially those enhancing the Hellenic spirit and culture.


Since its inception, HPSI has served as a meeting ground for professional individuals of Hellenic descent. They host many events throughout the year, including: lectures on cultural, historic and business topics, social events, including the annual membership and Christmas parties, as well as philanthropic events. Over the years, the organization has raised money to benefit many organizations and causes such as: Hellenic Foundation, National Hellenic Museum and Hepatitis-C Research.


The group serves Hellenes throughout Illinois, as well as Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. Its members range from just out of college to seasoned professionals.


HPSI's newly resigned logo
HPSI’s newly resigned logo


Making a comeback

As people grow professionally and personally, they seek other opportunities to network and grow. This seemed to lead to a lack of interest in HPSI, and the organization went to inactive status for a while. Many have recently asked what happened to HPSI, and expressed an interest in reviving the 90-year old organization.


Joy Logothetis, whose family has been involved in HPSI through the years, has taken the lead to not only reform and regroup, but to expand the reach of the organization, to not only support professionals of Hellenic descent, but to bring them together for networking, fun social events, informative workshops, and opportunities for philanthropy, as well as to promote our rich heritage and culture. As president, she has established the agenda for this initiative.


“HPSI has such a strong history in the Chicago community, but in the last few years it’s really taken a fall in terms of fulfilling its purpose – to cultivate, enrich, and preserve the Hellenic community for both professional Hellenes and Phil-Hellenes. We, the board, are working towards making the organization better than it ever has been by uniting Greek American professionals in the Chicagoland area and celebrating our hard-working qualities. Whether it’s through social events, philanthropy, speakers, and more, we are working hard to bring HPSI into the modern age.”


Christmas Party

HPSI will kick off its resurgence with a Christmas party on Thursday, December 17 at BIN36 in Chicago. It’s a great opportunity to learn more and get involved. Membership is open and growing.


WindyCity Greek Founder and Editor Maria A. Karamitsos previously served on HPSI’s board of directors for 7 years, and served as its president from 1998-2000.

Maria A. Karamitsos

Maria A. Karamitsos

Founder & Editor at WindyCity Greek
For 10 years, Maria served as the Associate Editor and Senior Writer for The Greek Star newspaper. Her work has been published in GreekCircle magazine, The National Herald, GreekReporter, Harlots Sauce Radio, Women.Who.Write, Neo magazine, KPHTH magazine, and more. Maria has contributed to three books: Greektown Chicago: Its History, Its Recipes; The Chicago Area Ethnic Handbook; and the inaugural Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal.
Maria A. Karamitsos

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