Iperoxo Prosopo Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care

Iperoxo Prosopo: The Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care

Making New Year’s Resolutions? In this new series, ‘Iperoxo Prosopo’, Licensed Esthetician Peg Karadimas will show you how to achieve great skin for 2017.

Iperoxo Prosopo

It’s a new year, and time to refocus. In this new series, we’ll discuss how you too can get an ‘Iperoxo Prosopo‘. Today, let’s talk about why you should choose an esthetician, and what I like to call, ‘The Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care’.



Iperoxo Prosopo Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care


So Many Choices

Have you said these words:

“I love facials! They are so relaxing and amazing; and your skin feels so soft afterwards.”  

As an esthetician with 20 years experience, I have heard this comment countless times from people I first meet, whether it is socially or at work. And I smile, nod, and agree every time; because I emphatically do believe it is a great way to unwind and take care of your skin at the same time. Inevitably, the follow up to that comment is always a question about a problematic issue plaguing their skin and how to solve it.  This is where the conversation turns impassioned.  Unlike Youtube, Instagram, Google, and Facebook, with their instant gratification answers, I cannot give such a simplified solution. The answer is as complex as our skin’s histology, because it needs to be layered with particular information from the client.  

The demands for facials has changed over the last several years. Relaxation and pore cleansing are secondary concerns; whereas result-driven treatments are in high demand.  The competition for the consumer’s dollars has escalated from the high-end department stores to the drugstore’s new beauty consultants to the entrepreneurial neighbor as a multi-level marketing salesperson.

So many choices.

Yet I still hear over and over from potential clients how unhappy, not confident, and worried they are about their skin problems — sometimes even after seeing a dermatologist. So how do you spend your dollars to get amazing skin results? How do you know if you have the right routine?  Or are you getting the best treatment for your skin type? Or the right facial products? It’s actually simple. Just like choosing a professional to do your taxes or a personal trainer to get your body in shape, choose the professional whose job is solely skin care.


What to look for in an esthetician

My recommendation has always been to go to the professional — a licensed esthetician — someone who has attended a  vocational school for esthetics. At esthetics school, the curriculum consists of anatomy, histology of the skin, ingredients, contraindications, and client communications. A good esthetician has experience –not necessarily in years, though that is probably the person that has the most hands-on — and a trained eye. You want someone who is a critical thinker — someone who can get to the root of the problem as well as care for the symptoms at hand. They should be willing to spend time educating you to be able to take care of your skin as well. Last but not least, there should be a trust in the relationship as well — you are partners in achieving your skin care goals. Skin care is an investment, therefore choose your partner wisely.


‘Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care’

Before an esthetician lays her hand on you to start your facial or treatment, before any advice on any skin care issues, and any recommendations  are given on skin care products, she must obtain some background information intrinsic to you. The questions are categorized in these 5 areas:

  • Genetics
  • Skin type and Skin Conditions/Concerns
  • Nutrition and Well-being
  • Skin Products at Home
  • Professional Facials & Treatments

Each of these categories are the building blocks — the  anatomy — of how we provide the analysis, type of facial, product recommendations and future treatments specific to you and your needs.

In this series, ‘Iperoxo Prosopo, we will discuss each category on why and how they play an important role in building amazing skin care, with an emphasis on highlighting ethnic and Mediterranean skin.  


Why I enjoy being an esthetician

For me, the best part of being an esthetician is the varied roles I fulfill for clients. I problem solve, educate, and instill confidence. This builds a relationship that I value and believe is a positive partnership. The rigorous form of the ‘Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care’ creates a personalized skin care profile that in turn gives both myself and the client, the knowledge  to achieve the desired results.  As an esthetician, it is rewarding to be able to  deliver the goal of an ‘Iperoxo Prosopo‘.


Next in the Iperoxo Prosopo series

Next time we’ll discuss genetics and their role in skin care.


Have questions about your skin or skin care products or facials?  Contact me today and schedule a complimentary consultation to discover your ‘Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care’, and work toward your own “Iperoxo Prosopo”.


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