Orthodox Kids’ Book Author Jane G. Meyer Pens Stories about God’s Love

Orthodox children’s book editor Jane G. Meyer of Ancient Faith Publishing is also the author of 8 books. Her stories focus on faith and God’s love.

Meet Jane G. Meyer

Jane G. Meyer lives with her family in Santa Barbara, CA. She cherishes the California sun and the childhood that she had.
“I grew up in Santa Monica, a small beach town in southern California. I lived on a block where all the kids played in the street until they were called in for dinner. It was pretty great.”

Coming from an athletic family, as a kid, Jane’s childhood dreams were found in her love for gymnastics. Anything that had to do with movement made her happy—including music.

“I have a very good ear for music and language. I was fortunate to begin learning French in elementary school, and eventually went on to live in Europe and learn other languages as well.”
In fact, this passion for music and language is knitted together when she writes.
“When I write, my ear is very attentive to the way words sound together.I continue t o find joy in a sort of musical approach to crafting text.”

During her college days, Jane said her time spent abroad opened her eyes even more to the world around her. For a time, she studied and worked in Europe.

“I thought I was so old then, but I was just a 19-year-old peanut! Living abroad opened my eyes to many things I’m thankful for and that I couldn’t have learned had I stayed in sunny Santa Monica.”
Jane G. Meyer
Children’s Book Author Jane G. Meyer

Orthodoxy changed her life

Ultimately it was her road to Orthodoxy, which began when she and her husband were first married, that was a turning point both personally and professionally. And she has never looked back.

“Twenty years ago my husband and I converted to Orthodoxy after struggling to find a church home in the city where we were then living. We currently attend an Antiochian Church in Santa Barbara.”

Jane G. Meyer When God Made You
One of Orthodox Children’s Book Author Jane G,. Meyer’s books

Books for kids

Jane is the author of seven children’s book and one young adult novel. You may have seen her books in your Greek Orthodox Church bookstore.

Her most recent book, When God Made You is a sweet children’s book that asks, “What beautiful things was God thinking when He made you?” The book has been a hit on Amazon.

“The bottom line of this book is–each and every person is made of such beauty, loaded with gifts that I pray will be realized as their lives unfold.”

Another powerful book, The Hidden Garden is a charming parable that encourages children and adults to open their hearts to Christ.

“I have long wanted to write a book for children that touches on the idea of the nous—that place within us that searches and longs for and knows God—where the heart and the mind are integrated and work as one with holy intentions and for holy purposes.”

Other work

Jane is the Orthodox children’s book editor at Ancient Faith Ministries, which is under the Antiochian umbrella.

“Through my work I visit churches across America from all jurisdictions and feel at home no matter where I go. I appreciate the differences one finds between churches, but appreciate more that Christ speaks all languages, feels at home in every heart, and can be found at every altar.”

Log on Jane G. Meyer’s website you’ll understand completely why she is the children’s book editor at Ancient Faith Publishing. The whimsical website brings back childhood memories of jump ropes, muddy shoes, and Sunday School stories of the deep love God has for all His children.

Aside from her children’s books, Jane’s writings can be found in several Orthodox publications such as PRAXIS Magazine from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. She recently penned an insightful article entitled: “Fruits of an Orthodox Education.”

Read to your kids

Writing and reading go hand in hand and Jane believes it is essential to read to your children.

“Read with them. Even when they seem too old, keep reading. It is a slow, beautiful, very real way of being together.”

Jane added that there are countless Orthodox books written for children raised in the Orthodox Faith, and reminded us that Christ taught us through stories and that picture books aren’t just for the young.

“If you’re an adult, and haven’t yet read The Hidden Garden, you should find a copy and page through it. I re-read it every Lent.”

What’s next?

Jane is currently writing a middle grade novel.

“It’s about a childhood friend who suffered from cystic fibrosis. She is one of my heroes and writing her story is both emotionally hard, and extremely rewarding.”
Celebrating life through the written word is something Jane doesn’t take for granted. In fact, she is quick to point out her good fortune.
“Every day is for prayer and for celebrating the fact that we currently live in a place of peace, beauty, and that we have few real hardships.”

Connect with Jane G. Meyer on her website  

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