ELLOINOS on Greek Wines: Savatiano

Welcome Greek wine consultant Markus Stolz, also known as ELLOINOS, who will educate us about grape varieties indigenous to Greece. This time, he talks Savatiano.

ELLOINOS: Savatiano

Here are some notes on this wine, referred by some as the “best kept secret” in Greece.

Area grown: Mostly Attica, Evia and Viotia in Central Greece, also to a smaller extend in the Cycladic Islands, Macedonia and Peloponnese.

Savatiano Elloinos
Section of Greek map showing where Savatiano is grown. Courtesy ELLOINOS


Quick Fact File: It is the most widely planted indigenous Greek grape variety. It has been traditionally used for the production of Retsina. This grape is also a popular blending partner for Assyrtiko and Roditis. Today, 100% Savatiano wines are able to surprise with outstanding quality. The best ones offer a great price/quality ratio.

Grapes: Savatiano is a vigorous variety, typically with low acidity. It is perfectly suited to the hotter regions of Greece, being very resistant to water stress. The grapes are medium sized, with a yellow/white colour. Harvest typically takes place late August/early September.

Nose/bouquet: Aromas of pear, apple, banana, lemon.



How to pronounce

ELLOINOS  ideo on pronunciation



Wine & Spirits magazine traveled the “Savatiano Trail” and called it “Greece’s Best Kept Secret”.

Wine Enthuasiast calls it one of Greece’s “Classic Whites”.


Where to find

Papagiannakos makes a fine Savatiano, which can be sourced in the States, distributed by Fantis Foods. In the Chicago area, you can find it at Pete’s Fresh Market in Oakbrook Terrace.

Savatiano Elloinos
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My Big Fat Greek Wine also produces Savatiano. Here are Wine Enthuasiast tasting notes. Imported by Hellas Import Ltd., we haven’t yet been able to source it in the Chicago area.


Some other producers:



Muses Estate

Mylonas imported by Diamond Wine Importers

Sokos Wines


For more info on Greek wines, visit ELLOINOS.

Markus Stolz

Markus Stolz

Markus Stolz spent most of his career in finance before his longstanding passion for wine lead him into a completely different direction. At the beginning of 2009 he started to promote Greek wine on a full time basis to importers and wine merchants abroad. He is the founder and author of www.elloinos.com, one of the most respected information sources on Greek wine. His work has been featured in a number of national and international publications.

Markus consults to well known US wine importers and has successfully introduced a number of Greek wineries to the US market. He holds the advanced certificate from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. He lives in Piraeus, Greece.
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