Phil Bouzeos – 95 years young

The well-known and well-loved Phil Bouzeos turns 95.


The incomparable Phil Bouzeos, the equipment manager for more than a decade for the Chicago Cardinals football team (prior to their move to St. Louis), and the man behind the NHIBT tournaments for about 50 years, turned 95 last month.

Family and friends toasted his milestone birthday, including his wife Lynne, and nieces Renee Pappas (marketer extraordinaire) and her sister, Connie Hillman (wife of The Byrds’ Chris Hillman). We tried to interview Mr. Bouzeos, but he’s way too humble. He said we should just tell people about the next NHIBT tourney, and wished all of us at WindyCity Greek well.


The incomparable Phil Bouzeos (C), with beloved nieces Renee Pappas (L) and Connie Hillman (R)
Mr. Phil Bouzeos (C), with beloved nieces Renee Pappas (L) and Connie Hillman (R). COURTESY Renee Pappas


The 84th annual NHIBT tournament will take place Match 31-April 3 at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL. Men’s, women’s, high school, and biddie divisions will compete. It’s open to all players of Greek descent.


Happy Birthday, Phil Bouzeos! May you live 1000 years!



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