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Our staff’s picks for top Greek-related news articles this week:


Two young Greeks send souvenirs from Greece, with love, to Singapore and America

Two young girls were able to change everything we know about Greek souvenirs through a lovely business «success story»!

Beside the difficult Greek reality coexists a new, dynamic generation of Greek artists, who with arms appetite for work and modern ideas can envision abeautiful and hopeful future.

Two young girls, Caterina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sugar , viewed within this Greece ‘Judgement’ own ‘Future Perfect’. And like this, spontaneously and with much enthusiasm, created in 2013 the «A Future Perfect» , a company that manages to amaze with the dynamic course and exceptional quality work. Read more


Ecumenical Patriarch Performs Historic Liturgy in Izmir

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence between people of every religion in his speech during the Divine Liturgy that took place in Izmir (Smyrna).

“In many parts of the world, Muslims, Christians and the Jewish live in harmony. Religious diversity is now accepted in many countries. We are the ones who will set an example of good coexistence. This example was presented today by the people of Izmir who welcomed us with so much love and care. Please continue to look after and care for the small different communities and minorities of Izmir. Our brothers in Istanbul we have embraced us and that is what we’re looking for here too,” he said. Read more


Greek Guardian Leaves Law To Help Aid Migrant Children

Three teenage boys are lugging boxes of donated shoes into a stately neoclassical home in Mytilini, the capital of the Greek island of Lesbos.

Two of the boys are Syrian, and the other is Algerian. For the moment, they live in this house, a shelter for underage asylum-seekers traveling alone.

Inside, Christina Dimakou, a high-energy young lawyer, greets them. “Kalimera!” she says, Greek for “good day” and flashes a smile. The boys repeat the word, giggling. Dimakou, 30, is a guardian for unaccompanied minors, the official term for migrant children traveling alone. Read more


‘The X Files’ Come to Greece: UFO Lands in Piraeus!

The new chapter of the legendary “The X-Files” continues on FOX and the truth is still out there! Meanwhile, paranormal activity has been noticed in Greece, with a new UFO sighting: a flying saucer has landed at the square of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, founded in 1884.

So, do you want to feel like a special agent, such as Mulder and Scully? You should know that the truth awaits you in the center of the city of Piraeus!  Read more


UK’s Celebrity Traveler Simon Reeve Gives Greece a Go on BBC Series

The incredible encounters of popular UK traveler Simon Reeve in Greece for the filming of his latest documentary have taken the international press by storm with the BBC presenter taking a closer look at Greek reality and telling the world it’s a country of exotic extremes.

In his words: “Greece will always have the capacity to surprise.”  Read more


The Eugene Trivizas book wins US Kidscreen Award

The electronic book «Little Emily» ( «The stem of cherries”) by Eugene Triviza won the year’s best interactive book award for preschool children in KidscreenAwards, the largest provider of children’s television awards and digital content in the US. Read more


‘Why the Mountains Are Black’ aims to show music as a ‘tool for survival’

In summer 2014, four writers and one record collector were sitting in a room in Faber, Va. The record collector, an adept and passionate scholar, was Chris King. He had been playing 78s from his collection, which he keeps in plain brown sleeves that are not marked. They are organized by genre and region, and King not only knows which record is where, despite the lack of markings, but what the matrix number on the label is before he pulls it out of the sleeve.

On that July night, after a generous amount of bourbon and American blues, he played a song called “Kalamatianos.” The performers are listed as K. Bournelis, F. Tsilikos and Christos Kantilas, and the English translation of the title is “Dance of Kalamata.” It was originally issued in a 78 rpm format on CO-DG-195 with a control matrix of W.G.-308 and was recorded in Athens in 1932. The musicians were Greek, from the Peloponnese. Read more


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