Top Greek-related News Articles – Week of February 1-6

Check out our staff’s top picks of Greek-related news articles we’ve seen on the internet.


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Our staff’s picks for top Greek-related news articles this week:


8 Lessons from Biogen Exec Andi Karaboutis

Excel at IT, learn the business, act with integrity, and innovate. Andi Karaboutis shares these and other lessons she’s learned over her illustrious career.

Adriana (Andi) Karaboutis isn’t one to shrink from a challenge. To the contrary, over three decades Karaboutis has continually tackled new assignments outside her comfort zone, allowing her to grow as a professional and leader. Read more


Unlocking the mysteries of classical Greek pottery

Few customs better illustrate the culture of Classical Greece than the symposium, a form of drinking party where men of social standing gathered to discuss the great issues of the day.

As courtesans and others entertained them, they spoke and sipped wine from bowl-like vessels known as kylikes, red-and-black ceramic pieces long considered the quintessential form of Athenian pottery. Read more


Owner of the prestigious wines Château Margaux

Corinne Mentzelopoulos is the owner and manager of the prestigious Bordeaux wine estate, Château Margaux. She is considered one of the leading people in the wine industry and her wines often win the Bordeaux’s Wine of the Vintage.

Her father, Andre Mentzelopoulos who was born in Patras, purchased the Château Margaux estate in 1977 to make wine. Read more


15 best classics books of all time

The ancient classics can still teach us about love, politics, history and legend. We pick the must-reads. Nine of them are written by Greeks. Read more


8 Must-Try Family Recipes From Chefs Around Boston

There’s nothing like home cooking — especially in the hands of a professional chef. With that in mind, we tapped some toques around town to share dishes from their menus that are directly inspired by family recipes. Welcome to the clan. Eat up.

Keftedakia Makedonias at CommitteeConsulting chef and Greek cooking guru Diane Kochilas based these tender beef meatballs… Read more


Greeks Nominate Lesbos Residents And Susan Sarandon For Nobel Peace Prize

The efforts of volunteers from all around the world to help refugees on the Greek islands have not gone unnoticed.

For months now, volunteers from all corners of the world have worked day and night to help shelter, feed and nurse hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who have arrived on the Greek islands. The volunteer effort has not gone unnoticed.  Read more


How has Greek influenced the English language?

How many words derived from Greek have you used today? British Council teachers in Greece, Martha Peraki and Catherine Vougiouklaki, explain why English owes so much to the Greek language.

Antique, idol, dialogue, geography, grammar, architect, economy, encyclopaedia, telephone, microscope… all these common English words have something in common: they’re derived from Greek. To this list, we could add thousands more words, some common and others less so. Clearly, the Greek language has had an important influence on the English language. Let’s take a closer look. Read more

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