Top Greek-related News Articles: Week of May 1-7

Check out our staff’s top picks of Greek-related news articles we’ve seen on the internet.

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COURTESY Google Images

Our staff’s top picks for Greek-related news articles this week:


Managing volatility in this market environment

Calamos Investments CEO John Koudounis and Calamos Investments chairman John Calamos on the firm’s succession plan and the challenges of investing in a volatile market. Read more



First MS treatment to bear Greek signature

Greek Australian collaboration is making a breakthrough in immunotherapeutic drugs research. The release of the first Greek-patented therapy against multiple sclerosis (MS) is only a matter of time. Read more



Top 10 locations that dazzled Hollywood

Travel guide takes its readers to a journey in Greece and in particular to the beautiful locations used as a perfect backdrop to famous movies. The readers are given the opportunity to trace the footsteps of the stars to the most idyllic beaches and dramatic mountainscapes that amazed Hollywood. Read more



War Music: An Account of Homer’s Iliad by Christopher Logue review – a life’s work

Christopher Logue began writing his version of the Iliad in 1959, after a BBC producer commissioned him to translate a section of it for radio. Logue demurred initially on the very reasonable grounds that he didn’t know a word of Greek, but the producer – Donald Carne-Ross – wasn’t having any of it. Read more



How Asimina Arvanitaki will explain the universe

Asimina Arvanitaki wants to explain the universe. The Greek-born theoretical physicist’s goal will be a lot easier after today, now that she’s received an $8-million research chair at the Perimeter Institute. Read more



Archaeologists Unearth Tomb of Wealthy Mycenaean Warrior in Greece

A multinational group of archaeologists has unearthed a 3,500-year-old tomb of Mycenaean warrior near the city of Pylos on the southwest coast of Greece filled with more than 1,400 objects: bronze, silver and gold artifacts, jewels, weapons and armor. Read more



The Greek Antiquity Museums in eBooks Series

Ancient Greek civilization constitutes one of the cornerstones of western civilization and modern Greece has inherited a vast cultural heritage, preserved in more than 150 archeological museums and collections around the country, the vast majority of which are state-run and harbour works and collections of incalculable historical significance. Read more

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