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Our staff’s top picks for positive Greek news articles this week:

Twin Cities Churches Host 1st Annual Blessing Of Mississippi River

Cold weather didn’t stop two Twin Cities orthodox churches from performing their first annual service blessing of the Mississippi River Friday afternoon. Read more

Hellenic American Academy opens new Deerfield school building

The school, which educates students in Greek language and culture, and its predecessors has been around for more than a century. Read more

How the Bucks made Giannis Antetokounmpo the most intriguing point guard in NBA history

I think about where I was four years ago, on the streets, and where I am today, able to take care of my kids and my grandkids and their grandkids.” Read more

Tarpon Springs teen retrieves Epiphany cross

Thousands of people packed Tarpon Springs for the annual Epiphany celebration on Friday. The 111-year-old tradition celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan. Read more

A Greek-British baritone lives his own fairy tale in the Vatican

“It might seem strange, but I’ve even felt closer to Greece here – from the service which always begins with ‘Kyrie eleison’ [Lord, have mercy], the Orthodox priest who attends each sanctification, or the countless sculptures crafted by Greek artists.” Read more

Legal framework developed for Greek mushrooms

“But those who collect mushrooms to sell to restaurants, shops or companies should be trained. At this time of year, there is great interest, since many can earn money by collecting and selling mushrooms.” Read more

Annual River Blessing takes place on Missouri River

During the service Father Dimitri Tobias of Holy Trinity and Father Lucas Rice of St. Thomas blessed the Missouri River just as Christ blessed the Jordan River. Read more

Carmel Academy Fifth Graders Lead a Greek Symposium

The symposium was the culmination of the students’ integrated study of ancient Greek civilization—a time period considered to be the foundation of modern Western culture. Read more

Discover the unspoilt Greek island of Lemnos where watersports and wine mix splendidly

Windsurfing, wine tasting or time in a spa – this Greek island has so much to offer plus you can stay in beachside safari tents with as air conditioning, wi-fi, a proper bed, a private bathroom and decking. Read more

Apple Shares ‘Take Mine’ Ad Showcasing Photos Taken in Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus

In the ad, entitled “Take Mine”, a young lady arrives at a Greek village to visit her grandmother. Read more


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