Greek Startup: Urban Owl Sunglasses

Greek startup Urban Owl creates new sunglasses with high definition lenses.

Sunglasses are a must for every Greek city dweller, and so Dimitris Diamantis thought of combining Greek habits with expertise, creating Urban Owl sunglasses, which promise vision of high definition. Joining the growing league of Greek sunglasses designers, Urban Owl uses special high definition lenses which filter sunlight in ways that enhance vision without color distortion, and prevent eye fatigue by neutralizing blue light.


“I want to prove that young Greeks can still hope and go after their dreams. I have heard people accusing Greeks that are lazy, work little and generally that they deserve what they get. This is not Greece. I want to present another side of Greek people.”

~Dimitri Diamantis, Urban Owl Founder and Visionary



The glasses are handcrafted exclusively in Greece, using materials of the highest standards with exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and the design is rather retro-style.

Diamantis insists that “once you try Urban Owl sunglasses, you never want to go back to conventional sunglasses”, adding that he and his team of partners wish to encourage young entrepreneurs to materialize their dreams in Greece. “I wish for my project to work and that it becomes a source of inspiration for others”. After all, the industry is in need of a whole new…perspective.

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