William Pelarenos presents the facts on ‘Legal Eagles’

Retired police officer William Pelarenos gives insight into legal issues and answers questions on his talk radio program, ‘Legal Eagles’.


William Pelarenos hosts ‘Legal Eagles’

William Pelarenos, a retired police officer from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police in Illinois, recently hit the airwaves to provide listeners with answers to legal questions.. His talk radio program, ‘Legal Eagles’, airs on Monday nights, at 7:00 pm on WCGO 1590 AM. The recently launched show has been a hit with listeners. Every week, different expert guests discuss a variety of complex legal issues. His goal is help listeners gain knowledge and insight of the criminal justice system.


William Pelarenos Legal Eagles
On his radio show, ‘Legal Eagles’, retired police officer William Pelarenos helps people “Know the facts”. ‘Legal Eagles’ airs Monday nights on WCGO 1590 AM in Chicago. COURTESY LEGAL EAGLES


Meet William Pelarenos

Born in Montreal, Canada, William “Bill” Pelarenos came to Chicago in 1966. He traces his Greek roots to Zakynthos on his father’s side, and Tripolis on his mother’s.

He credits his parents for much and says that he learned two valuable lessons that he carries with him to this day: “work hard and stay honest.”

As for his fondness for all things Greek, Bill admits there is much he loves about the Greek culture.

“Greek-Americans have brought an exciting Greek culture to America. They’ve brought he Greek history, music, food, and most of all, the hard working work ethic.”

Active in the Greek community, Bill is a member at The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Demetrios in Elmhurst, IL, and a huge supporter of GOYAL basketball.


Becoming a cop

Bill became a police officer for one reason—to assist others.

“My desire to become a policeman happened when I was in fifth grade. The reason is that I wanted to help people. I still carry that desire to help people and accomplish that task through public speaking. Knowledge is power and it’s important that people know about the law, as well as drug and alcohol abuse.”

Over the years, Bill has become a nationally recognized DUI Expert Witness and standardized field sobriety testing instructor.


Know the facts

His 30-year career in law enforcement includes 26 years as a police officer. Bill is now retired,but it hasn’t slowed him down. He’s become a sought-after public speaker. He tackles a wide range of issues affecting families. He gives presentations on domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other issues of concern to families.

You have to know the facts. It’s critical.”


‘Legal Eagles’

Bill realized that so many people had questions, and didn’t know where to find the answers, so he decided to create a radio show. On ‘Legal Eagles,’ he shares his expertise and knowledge to helps listeners understand how to succeed in tackling these troublesome topics.

‘Legal Eagles’ premiered on Memorial Day.  The live show ran on Saturday mornings, but switched to Monday evenings after Labor Day. The first guest was gemologist Jimmy Mougolias. He explained how burglars know the difference between real jewelry and fake jewelry. He also revealed that jewelry salesmen have been targeted by robbery crews. Then he told consumers about jewelry selling scams, and to beware of purchasing fake jewelry over the internet and at flea markets.

Bill often discusses issues with drugs and alcohol. He dissuades listeners from adopting the 1980s “Just Say No” slogan, but rather directs parents to the revised movement, “Just Say Know.”

“Parents need to know and be informed, and I stress the importance of education and making good choices.”

Above all, Bill said he hopes his listeners gain valuable insight.

“I am very proud of the product that I have created. Each week I tackle a different legal issue such as marijuana, guns, domestic violence and more.”

Listen to ‘Legal Eagles’ on Mondays at 7:00 pm on WCGO 1590 AM in Chicago.

Show information  

Connect with Bill: www.williampelarenos.com and www.policeproject1.com

Diane Adam

Diane Adam

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