15 Things You’re Missing If You Don’t Go to Greece

15 reasons to visit Greece Seitan Limania

Still on the fence about a trip to Greece this year? There’s so much to see and experience. Here are 15 things you’ll miss if you don’t travel to Greece.

Greece: so much to experience

There a number of reasons why everyone should see Greece at least once in their lifetime. Either because of its fascinating past, to take advantage of the wonderful, mild weather, to taste some of its awesome cuisine, or to experience the local hospitality, you must experience Greece.

There’s no shortage of reasons to pay a visit; but some might be unknown to those still wondering, ‘What’s all the fuss about Greece, after all?’ If you belong to this last category, read on. In addition to the reasons you already know, you’ll find more reasons to book your ticket to Greece.


15 reasons to visit Greece Seitan Limania
Seitan Limania, off the coast of Akrotiri in Crete, is something you don’t want to miss. Hidden in each of three inlets between the steep cliffs of the peninsula is a hidden beach. IMAGE: GABI ANCAROLA



15 Things You’re Missing If You Don’t Go to Greece:


  1. You’ve never gone before. The 1st and most valid reason to travel to Greece is that you must visit if you’ve never been there before. You’ve likely heard people talking about their holidays there and seen pictures. Likely this has awakened your curiosity. Now’s the time to discover it!


  1. It’s unforgettable. As a logical consequence, the 2nd reason to travel to Greece is that you’ve already been there! Greece calls you back. And it’s not just you. Many people who visit the country for the first time, find themselves longing to return soon after their holiday has ended. This is the magic of Greece – she casts a spell on you. Greece becomes like a magnet, drawing you back.


  1. Amazing landscapes. The country is famous for outstanding beaches and whitewashed landscapes, Greece, in fact, has much more to offer. Its natural diversity is remarkable. Places like Meteora, Potamida, or Katastrati are simply out of this world. No other country could offer such a different variety of landscapes for you to enjoy. If you are keen on photography — or even just taking in nature’s beauty — Greece will be paradise.


  1. Fantastic cuisine. Here, it’s all about genuine flavors, natural recipes, and simple dishes with a clever use of herbs, spices, and olive oil. Greeks will lay a table which combines the best of the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and more. And it will never be any less than a banquet. The tradition of sharing food is like a religion to the locals. Being invited to a family lunch can be one of your best experiences. Out for dinner at a restaurant you will be able to discover those same traditions going hand-in-hand with innovation. Greek cuisine is on the rise and counted among the healthiest and tastiest in the world.


  1. It’s a year-round top destination. Don’t just wait for summer. Did you know that you can even ski while looking at the sea from the top of the mountain? Head to Pelion for such an experience. For those in love with warmer temperatures, try some of the islands in the South. Find mild weather, wild nature, and a welcoming atmosphere, all year long.


  1. Greeks do it better. There are things unique to Greece and its culture. One might even say that “Greeks do it better”! Extreme care in local produce results in unique products either in craft, food, or music. Uniqueness is expressed in thousands of stunning places nowhere else to be found. There’s one more thing that makes Greece a one-of-a-kind place. One of these is the concept of Philoxenia, a virtue highly regarded in ancient times, standing for the great respect bestowed from a host to a guest. Today, this concept still runs deep in the character of locals who never fail to go the extra mile and offer a helping hand in case of need. Philoxenia is a concept easily understood when sharing a meal with locals, when asking for directions or when lost on the streets. Everyone will take pleasure in offering genuine help. Being hosted in Greece is pretty much like being a prince.


  1. Rich cultural heritage. Or course you can’t miss the amazingly rich cultural heritage, including archaeological sites and some of the best museums in the world. There’s also a legacy found and felt on the streets through expressions of living art and imagination.



15 Reasons to visit Greece Hydra
Beautiful Hydra. Each of the Greek islands has its own unique charm. IMAGE: GABI ANCAROLA



  1. The islands. Here’s another good reason to visit. Embark on a cruise and sail the Greek seas to discover just how many and how different they are. Colors, aromas, sounds, and folklore expressions change from island-to-island, from town-to-town. Every place is proud to show its own identity and share it with you, from the incredible cliffs of Santorini to the sweetest greens in Skiathos.


  1. Safe for all. Greece is a safe country where tourism is one of the most important Everything is set and ready for the thousands of visitors coming every year. It’s a country that shows a friendly face to everyone. Greece is very family-friendly, but it can also be peaceful to the elderly, an exciting and adventurous for younger people, and a romantic getaway for couples.


  1. Lively nightlife. Nightlife has a twist for every visitor. From the liveliest venues in Athens to the bohemian nights by the sea, find local music, live performances, and a variety of musical expressions — from jazz to the latest trend. Find dance clubs, pubs, secret clubs, and rooftop places with incredible views and more.


  1. Amazing wine. As a consequence of the renewed interest the world has shown for Greek cuisine, regional wineries and micro breweries began to grow and have emerged with the most innovative tastes around the world. As always in Greece, tradition has not been traded or left aside; it’s been transformed with a great deal of creativity, and a whole new color. Hundreds of international awards prove Greek wines are here to stay.


  1. English is widely spoken. There are almost no language barriers. Almost everyone speaks some English, enough to feel make you feel at home when hearing such different language sounds. Don’t ever avoid Greece because of a language barrier. You will regret it.


  1. Great value for the money. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious get away or you settle for a budget holiday, either way you will get value for money. Excellent accommodation, restaurant and car-rental offers go together with affordable inner flights and ferry tickets. Remember to book in advance, as this advantage is no longer a secret!


  1. There’s something for everyone. Speaking of accommodations, there are facilities to suit all your needs. Find a plethora of choices, from the most expensive and luxurious resorts boasting spas, gyms by the sea and wellness centers; to friendly studios and family room Try a private yacht if you want to splurge or even go camping if you are a backpacker. For an exclusive experience, sleep in a refurbished windmill.


  1. Ancient and modern live in harmony. Greece is an old, yet modern country where Ancient wisdom lives in perfect harmony within current trends. The Greek crisis has indeed affected the local economy and their way of life, but there is a positive here. It has renewed their survival instincts. It has also propelled locals to develop new abilities, giving birth to a generation of innovative and creative people that learned to make the best out of limited resources. People are enthusiastic, full of projects and ideas that are worth seeing and experiencing.


15 reasons to visit Greece ancient and modern
In all corners of Greece, modern day meets ancient times. IMAGE: KATERINA SIROUNI



Go to Greece: don’t miss all this and more

Greece is a top destination, and it will always be. This perfectly balanced combination of possibilities pleases every visitor: you will feel welcome, cared for — and even spoiled. Finally, one might even say Greece could be compared to the best of lovers… it’s so easy to fall in love with Greece — and impossible to forget.


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