2017 Year in Review: Top 20 Most Read Articles

2017 Year in Review Greek Start-ups

What a year it was! In 2017, we brought you more stories of innovative and exciting works of Greeks around the world. Let’s take a look back at the top 20 Most Read Articles of the year.

2017 Top 20 Most Read Articles

It’s hard to believe 2017 is coming to a close. What an amazing year we had! Before we reveal the Top 20 Most Read Articles of the Year, let’s take a quick look at some stats for 2017.


2017 Year in Review Top 20 most read articles


2017 in Review

In 2017, we published:

  • 230 articles
  • 6 special issues
  • 52 Week in Review (VIP only) Newsletters
  • 12 Monthly (VIP only) Newsletters


Worldwide Readership

Our readers come from all over the world! We love bringing stories of Greek around the world, and the word is getting out! The bulk of our readers come from the U.S., but we’ve got readers in all corners of the world. Our reach continues to grow and expand! Thank you for reading, sharing, and spreading the word. We appreciate it! We’ll continue to bring you the best of the Greek world — from Chicago AND beyond!


Essay Contest

In March, we hosted our very first essay contest, “What does being Greek mean to you?” The winning essay, “The Indomitable Hellenic Spirit“, was written by Greek-American student Demetrios Maroutsos.



We had lots of great giveaways! In conjunction with our Summer Reading Guide 2017, we gave away a Kindle and more than a dozen ebooks! We celebrated our 2nd birthday by giving lots of presents to our VIPs. We gave away tickets to OPA! Healthy Greek Cookbook! We love giving things away, and have some great stuff planned for 2018! Giveaways are for VIPs only, so if you’re not a VIP, take a minute to sign up here.



In 2017, we presented several special series, and continued some ongoing ones. Our longest-running series, Greek-American in Greece, remains wildly popular. Look for more profiles on Greek-Americans living in Greece in 2018. We continued our in-demand Greek Property series by Athens-based Architect Katerina Sirouni, got more great health & wellness tips from our Lifestyle & Health Correspondent Roula Marinos Papamihail, and our Chief KEFI Correspondent Kiki Vale kept the KEFI going all year long. They’ll all be back in 2018!

We stopped our regular Saturday feature, Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles, in which we compile our staff’s top 10 picks for Positive Greek News online, but brought it back by popular demand. Look for it to continue in 2018. This past year, we introduced Jewel School by Paraskevi for Paul’s Jewelers, which examined the Greek influence on jewelry design. Look for Jewel School to be back in session in 2018. Also in 2017, we brought you more Fertility Logia from Dr. Angeline Beltsos, MD of Vios Fertility Institute. Dr. Angie will be back in 2018!

Got an idea for a new series? Send us an email.


Special Issues

In 2017, we published 6 special issues — the most we’ve published to date! We received tremendous feedback on our special issues, and we will continue to present these in 2018. We have a few more up our sleeves, too! Our Greek-American Scholarship Guide was the first eGuide of its kind, and remains the most downloaded of the year. Chicago Greek Fest Guide 2017 was also in high demand. We introduced the Greek Kid’s Reading Guide — another first-of-its-kind, debuting 2 young writers. Previously, we’d only make them available for a short time, but by request, we’ve made all the special issues we’ve published to date available here. Here’s a list of our 2017 special issues, in order of publication:

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2016 articles continue to rank

These articles from 2016 continue to be reader faves:

Cinespace Chicago’s Story Reads Like a Film Script (published January 2016)

Greek Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts Does a Body Good (published August 2016)

What’s New in Greek Property Taxes (published June 2016)

Dandelion Greens: the Greek Superfood (published June 2016 — and the most read article of 2016!)



Top 20 Most Read Articles of 2017

And now, without further ado, here are the Top 20 Most Read Articles of 2017:


20) Greek-American in Greece: Meet AWOG President Stacey Papaioannou

19) Alexis Tsipras in Chicago: Historic Visit Heralded by Chicago Greeks

18) Jewel School: Where Did the Greek Key Come From?

17) 5 Ways to Protect Your Greek Property

16) Greek-American in Greece: Meet Georgia Karountzou

15) OPA! Healthy Greek Cookbook Puts a Modern Twist on Mediterranean Recipes

14) Live abroad? Here’s How to Help Your Child Speak Greek

13) How Your Ancient Greek Roots Can Help You Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

12) Growing, Thriving St. Sophia Church Sets Sights on New Church

11) HGTV Designer Alison Victoria to Host Ascension Legacy Gala

10) Better Check Your Greek Property – It Could Be on Forestland!

 9) This Chicago Greek is Greece’s National Figure Skating Champion [Q&A]

 8) Jewel School: What’s a Komboskini and What’s it For?

 7) Miraculous Greek Orthodox Icon from Pennsylvania in Chicago

 6)  Greek-American in Greece: Entrepreneur Mina Agnos [Q&A] 

 5) 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Greek Property

 4) Greek-American in Greece: Entrepreneur Alexandra Lavida [Q&A]

 3) His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos has Fallen Asleep in the Lord

 2)  3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Greek Property – NOW


and the #1 most read article of 2017 is…

Greek-American Woman’s Legacy Lives on at Chicago’s Ultimate Bride

On the day this was published, it was actually read more than 2000 times! It’s our most-read article to date!


Elena Grapsas Ultimate Bride top 20 most read articles
Greek-American Elena Grapsas was the proprietor of Chicago’s Ultimate Bride, one the top bridal salons in the country. Her legacy lives on! IMAGE: ultimatebride.com



What an amazing year it was! We can’t thank you enough! We’ve got more great stories planned for you in 2018. We’ll continue to bring you stories of the innovative and exciting work of Greeks around the world. And we’ll keep bringing resources for our home community, Chicago.  See you in 2018! All the best!


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