2017 Year in Review: Lifestyle & Health

2017 WindyCity Greek Year in Review

Today, we start our month-long look-back at 2017. What a year it was! We learned so much about healthy living from Lifestyle & Health Columnist Roula Marinos Papamihail, CHHC. Let’s take a look!

Lifestyle & Health 2017

From supercharging our fave foods, to learning about longevity, and lifestyle habits we need to adopt, we’ve learned so much this year from Lifestyle & Health Coumnist Roula Marinos Papamihail, CHHC. Let’s take a look back at her articles from this past year.


2017 WindyCity Greek Year in Review


Spanakopita: Possibly the World’s Healthiest Take-Out

Spanakopita (spinach pie), a traditional Greek dish, can help you get healthy! Its main ingredient, spinach, is a superfood! Read on to learn more. Read more



How to Still Achieve Your New Year Goals

Have you slacked off on your New Year goals? Discover how the wisdom of the ancients can help you refocus and get back on track. Read more



3 Reasons Why You Should Add Beets to Your Mediterranean Diet

Are you following the Mediterranean Diet? Looking for a dish that helps improve your health? Beets may be the dish you’re looking for! Read on to see why. Read more



Mediterranean Diet for long telomeres
When you eat the Greek way and follow the Mediterranean Diet, you receive endless health benefits. GOOGLE IMAGES



Pascha 2017 Special Issue: The Health Benefits of the Lenten Fast

The Greek Orthodox Church has a long tradition of fasting. During the Lenten season, fasting lasts for 48
days preceding Easter. The faithful abstain from major food groups such as meat, dairy, and eggs. Olive
oil is traditionally only allowed on the weekends and fish on designated feast days. Read more



3 Greek Lifestyle Habits You Need to Adopt Now

There are 3 Greek lifestyle habits that you need to incorporate in your life right now. Here’s why you need to learn them, and how to implement them. Read more



How Your Ancient Greek Roots Can Help You Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to Ancient Greece. Discover how the ancients celebrated & how you can celebrate the Ancient Greek way. Read more



Supercharge Your Gemista: How to Prepare it the Most Healthful Way

Do you love stuffed vegetables — gemista? Read on to learn how you can prepare this favorite Greek food in the most healthful way possible. Who’s got the best recipe? Read more


New year goals steps
If you’ve slacked off on your goals, you can always get back in step. Let the wisdom of the ancients guide you! GOOGLE IMAGES


Telomeres: The Secret to a Long, Healthy Life — Greek Style! [Part 1]

Have you heard of telomeres? Looks like they hold the key to living a long, healthy life. Learn the secret to a long, healthy life — Greek style! Read more




Long Telomeres: How to Get Them — Greek Style! [Part 2]

Recently we revealed that to live a long and healthy life, we need to effectively turn back the clock on the aging of our telomeres. Here’s how to do it. Read more



Greek Honey: More than Just a Superfood [Part 1]

Just in time for National Honey Month, learn about Greek honey and find out why it’s been more than just a superfood for thousands of years. Read more



Greek Honey: Therapeutic Modern Day Uses [Part 2]

Last time, we talked about why Greek Honey is preferable. Today, we’ll reveal modern therapeutic uses, proving that honey is good for you, inside & out! Read more



Be your own hero
The world needs heroes today more than ever and cultivating your own heroic potential is a must. GOOGLE IMAGES


Food Intolerances: When the Mediterranean Diet Can Do More Harm than Good

The Mediterranean Diet is well known for its amazing health benefits. But can it do more harm than good for some people? The answer is yes! Find out why. Read more



How to Supercharge Your Lentil Soup

Baby, it’s cold outside! How about some soup to warm you up? Make some lentil soup (fakes) and supercharge it for additional health benefits! Find out how. Read more



Christmas Edition 2017: Five Powerful Greek Words (Concepts) You Should Adopt in 2018

Words have power! Let’s review 5 important words with ancient Greek roots — some more common than others — which can help guide you to have a great 2018! Read more



Lifestyle & Health 2017

Thanks Roula for the fascinating and helpful information! Did you use any of her suggestions? What was your favorite article? Let us know in the comments below. Here’s to a healthy and joyful 2018!


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