2017 Year in Review: Greek-American in Greece

2017 Year in Review WindyCity Gree

In 2017, we continued our most popular and longest-running series, Q&A with a Greek-American in Greece. We introduced you many interesting Greek-Americans living in Greece. Let’s take a look back.


2017 Greek-American in Greece

This year, we introduced you to many Greek-Americans who take pride in their two countries. Let’s take a look back at our 2017 Q&As in the Greek-American in Greece series.


2017 Year in Review WindyCity Greek Greek-American in Greece


Georgia Karountzou

It’s time for the next installment in our series of Q&A with Greek-Americans living in Greece. Meet Chicago native Georgia Karountzou. Read more


AWOG President Stacey Papaioannou

It’s time to meet another Greek-American living in Greece. This time, we caught up with American Women’s Organization in Greece President Stacey Papaionnou. Read more 


Entrepreneur Debbie Koutroumanos

Next in our wildly popular series: From New York to Greece: Meet Entrepreneur and Brooklyn native, Debbie Koutroumanos, another Greek-American in Greece. Read more


Greek-American in Greece Mina Agnos of Travelive at Travel + Leisure A-List reception
Kansas City native Mina Agnos and her company Travelive were named an A-List Travel Advisor by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  IMAGE: TRAVEL + LEISURE


Psychologist Despina Konstas, PhD

Everyone loves our Greek-American in Greece series! Let’s meet another New York native living and working in Greece. Meet Licensed Clinic Psychologist Despina Konstas, PhD. Read more


Entrepreneur & Health Coach Maria Michalakopoulou [Q&A]

Our longest-running and most popular series is back! Let’s meet another Greek-American in Greece — Entrepreneur & Health Coach Maria Michalakopoulou. Read more


Entrepreneur Alexandra Lavida [Q&A]

It’s time to meet another Greek-American in Greece! Learn about Chicago Native Alexandra Lavida, an Athens-based entrepreneur. Read more


Entrepreneur Mina Agnos [Q&A]

Welcome back to our most popular & longest-running series, Greek-American in Greece! This month, meet Travel + Leisure A-List Travel Advisor Mina Agnos, a Kansas City Greek. Read more



Greek-American in Greece Stacey Papaioannou
Chicago native Stacey Papaioannou has made Mykonos her home for 30 years.


Mihalis Nevradakis of Dialogos Media [Q&A]

Time for the next installment of Greek-American in Greece! This time, meet Mihalis Nevradakis, founder of Dialogos Media. Read more


ESL Teacher Georgia Irene Kallis [Q&A]

Time to meet another Greek-American in Greece! Read all about Georgia Irene Kallis, an ESL Teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. Read more



Greek-American in Greece 2017

What a year it was! Did you enjoy this series? Which was your favorite Q&A? Tell us in the comments. Look for more Q&As with a Greek-American in Greece in 2018.


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