2017 Year in Review: Greek Books

It was another year full of amazing reads. We love our books, and we reviewed many this year. Let’s take a look back at 2017, Year in Review in Greek books.

2017 in Greek Books

We revealed many great reads throughout this year, including in our annual Summer Reading Guide. We also put several authors in the spotlight. Let’s take a look back to Greek book reviews and related articles by Maria A. Karamitsos, Apollo Papafrangou, Peter Karamitsos, Peg Karadimas, and Alexia Amvrazi. Two young writers also made their debut this fall, in our first-ever Greek Kid’s Reading Guide, with books reviews by kids. Let’s go!




WindyCity Greek 2017 Year in Review Greek books


Author Spotlight: Victoria Hislop Loves Greece

‘Cartes Postales from Greece’ by Victoria Hislop takes readers across the modern-day mainland with heartening romance. Read more



REVIEW- Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter

Gus Constantine’s heart-wrenching story ‘Escaping Cyprus’ comes full circle in Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter. You won’t want to miss this one. Read more



REVIEW: ‘American Kid: Nazi-Occupied Greece through a Child’s Eyes’ by Constance M. Constant

American Kid: Nazi-Occupied Greece through a Child’s Eyes by Constance M. Constant reveals a chilling story of WWII Greece. Read more



Author Spotlight: Deno Seder of ‘Miracle at Zakynthos’

Meet Deno Seder, author of Miracle at Zakynthos. He is a producer of media and films and is passionate about politics and art. Discover this interesting account of The history of Greek Jews through his work. Read more



REVIEW: ‘Waiting for Aegina’ by Effie Kammenou

In Waiting for Aegina, the latest in The Gift Saga by Effie Kammenou, lifelong friends stick together through love, loss, tragedy, and new beginnings. Read more


Summer Reading Guide 2017
Summer Reading Guide 2017 includes reviews of several new books. Look for more great recommendations for summer reads in Summer Reading Guide 2018!



REVIEW: ‘The Road to Sparta’ by Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes reconnects with his roots and retraces the footsteps of Pheidippides, in ‘The Road to Sparta’.  Read our review! Read more



REVIEW: ‘Dead Olives’ by Jeremy Hinchliff

Looking for a great thriller to bring on your trip to Greece (or wherever) this summer? Check out ‘Dead Olives’ by Jeremy Hinchliff, a thriller set in Greece. Read more



Author Spotlight: Greek-American Alexander Rassogianis

This month, we put Chicago-based Author Alexander Rassogianis in the spotlight. Meet him and learn about his latest work. Read more



Author Spotlight: Greek-American Lynne Constantine

Welcome back to the Author Spotlight! This month, we put Greek-American Author Lynne Constantine in the spotlight. Meet her and learn about her books. Read more



Escaping Cyprus II by Gus Constantine
Escaping Cyprus II is the 2nd novel by Greek-American Author Gus Constantine.


Author Spotlight: Nicholas Gage [Q&A]

We put Nicholas Gage, renowned author of Eleni, in the Author Spotlight. Find out how he got started, and more. Read more


Greek Kid's Reading Guide
The Greek Kid’s Reading Guide features reviews  and recommendations for other kids books —  compiled by GREEK KIDS! — PLUS Greek language book recos. Presented in cooperation with The Greek Bookstore. It’s the first guide of its kind!



REVIEW: ‘Hiking the Holy Mountain’ by John McKinney

John McKinney set out to hike Mount Athos to write about it as a hiking destination. What happened on the Holy Mountain that changed everything? Read more



REVIEW: ‘Guerrillas of Crete’ by Colin Janes

Little known history of the communist guerrillas of Crete during Greece’s Civil War is revealed in Guerrillas of Crete, by Colin Janes. Read our review! Read more



Waiting for Aegina Effie Kammenou
Waiting for Aegina is Book 2 in ‘The Gift Saga’ by Greek-American Author Effie Kammenou.



REVIEW: ‘Citizen Cardenas’ by Steve Cole

Our newest contributor, Apollo Papafrangou, reviews ‘Citizen Cárdenas’ by Steve Cole, which explores a resurrection of a whole other kind. Read more



REVIEW: ‘An Aegean April’ by Jeffrey Siger

Jeffrey Siger ups the ante in his highly anticipated 9th novel in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery series, An Aegean April. Find out! Read more



REVIEW: ‘From Pyrrhus to Cyprus’ by Billy Cotsis

In his second book, From Pyrrhus to Cyprus, Billy Cotsis reveals the colonies, territories and empires founded by Greeks through the years. Read our review. Read more


Greek Books 2017

This is a really fun part about our job — reading books, discovering new authors, and then sharing them with you. Did you buy/read any of these books based on our reviews and recommendations? Tell us in the comments below. We’ve got some great Greek book reviews already lined up for 2018. We’ll see you then. Bookworms unite!


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