2017 Year in Review: Greek Start-ups

2017 Year in Review Greek Start-ups

Greece has an amazing start-up culture! This past year, we told you about many new and innovative businesses. Let’s take a look back at the Year in Review in Greek start-ups.


Greek Start-ups 2017

Wow! An amazing start-up culture has blossomed in Greece, as many Greeks try to innovate out of the economic crisis. This year, Marissa Tejada, Alexia Amvrazi, and Maria A. Karamitsos told us about many new Greek businesses. Let’s take a look back at 2017 in Greek start-ups.


2017 Year in Review Greek Start-ups


Nannuka Helps Parents Find Reliable Childcare

Finding reliable childcare can be challenging. New Greek start-up Nannuka brings together innovative technology and a personal touch to solve that problem. Read more


Zoottle Helps Hotels Improve Guest Engagement

One hotel stay sparked an idea that became Zoottle, one of the most successful Greek tech start-ups to date. Read more


Greece and Grapes – Finding Opportunity in the Growing Greek Wine Market

Merging a love for Greek wines and opportunity during the Greek economic crisis, Greece and Grapes is a start-up with passion and promise. Read more


Destination Crete

Discover how Greek start-up Destination Crete combines local firsthand knowledge with technology to give travelers the most authentic experience possible. Read more


Greek start-up Athens Time Walk app
With Athens Time Walk, you can see what Greece’s ancient buildings looked like in their glory days. IMAGE: nextCult


Collectifi Optimizes Wi-Fi for Small Businesses

Who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi?  A Greek start-up took that concept to connect small business and their guests. Marissa Tejada tells us about Collectifi. Read more


Vilia Soap Company: Greece In Your Hands

Meet an American who left a high-flying career to settle in Greece. At Vilia Soap Company, she maximizes the potential of nature’s bounty. Get a coupon too! Read more


Staridas Geography Makes Maps Pretty

Even in the Internet age, Google Maps isn’t the only way to use maps. Marissa Tejada tells us about Staridas Geography, a Greek Start-up making maps “pretty”. Read more


Take a Virtual Journey with Athens Time Walk

Have you ever wondered what Greece’s time-worn structures looked like in their glory days? A new Greek start-up has an app for that! Marissa Tejada reports. Read more


Sea Around — Connecting Greece’s Beautiful Islands

Ever tried traveling from one Greek island another? Unfortunately it hasn’t always been easy – until now. Meet the Greek start-up that’s changing it all. Read more


Greek start-up Butlair founders
Greek Start-up Butlair founders Leonidas Kapralos and Angelina Grammatikaki. IMAGE: butlair.com


Plan Your Wedding in Greece with BookYourWeddingDay.com

Dreaming about a wedding in Greece? Don’t know where to start? Marissa Tejada tells us about a Greek start-up that can make your dream wedding a reality. Read more


Butlair Changes How Visitors Experience Greece

Combine text and travel and you get a Greek start-up that is changing the way visitors experience Greek destinations.  Marissa Tejada tells us about Butlair. Read more


Istmos Protects Your Wine

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and it didn’t taste like it did at the winery? New Greek start-up, Istmos, can solve this common problem. Read more


Elorus Helps Small Businesses

In the competitive world of freelancing, Greek start-up Elorus is offering solutions to help keep small business finances in check. Marissa Tejada reports. Read more



Greek start-up 2017

We loved learning about all these new Greek start-ups. Did you utilize any of their services? Let us know below in the comments. There are so many more start-ups, and we will tell you about more of them in 2018. Here’s to their continued success!


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