2017 Year in Review: KEFI

WindyCity Greek 2017 Year in Review Greek wine

This year was full of KEFI, thanks to our Chief KEFI Correspondent, Kiki Vale! Let’s take a look at all her KEFI-inspired writings in 2017.


2017 KEFI

This past year, Kiki Vale helped us recharge, renew, and increase our KEFI. Let’s take a look back at 2017.



WindyCity Greek 2017 Year in Review KEFI


Kefi-Brain Strong: Get the Right Mindset

The right mindset will help set you up for success. I like to call this, ‘Kefi-Brain Strong’. Read more


Kefi Thalassa
Are you a thalassophile? Vitamin SEA has many therapeuric and healing properties. IMAGE: kikivale.com



I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the effects of spring in numerous ways, especially with Pascha, Great Lent, life in general, and the wherewithal to renew ourselves through various forms of purging or purification for the benefit of improving ourselves. This act of removing the bad and making way for the good has many benefits, which result in clarity and peace of mind. An example of this is taking place in my life right now.  In our special Pascha issue. Read more



Feeling the KEFI today? If not, you just might need some vitamin SEA! Read on to find out why you need to get to the thalassa for a KEFI — and life — recharge! Read more



Are you a Greek-Kefi Woman? Find out!

This month, Kiki talks about the women who lead a Greek-Kefi life, and discusses just what makes a kefi-filled life – and why you need to live it. Read on to find out! Read more


Greek-Kefi Woman by Kiki Vale
Kiki’s late mother Katina was the quintessential Greek-Kefi Woman. She continues to inspire her each and every day. IMAGE: kikivale.com


Last week I was on my iMac big screen computer doing work and I took a break by hopping over to iPhoto. I became sentimental with the viewing of our family pictures and videos. My surfing took me back in time when I came across a video of our family opening gifts one Christmas morning. My four children were toddlers and youngsters. There was so much Kefi in this digital memory, I became fixated on the positive energy. The smiles, expressions, bursts of excitement, and hugs as each gift was opened signified the meaning of the blessed life we share. However, this precious video made me want to dig deeper into what the real gift of my life is, and that is my Orthodox faith.  In our special Christmas Edition. Read more



KEFI 2017

It was a KEFI-filled year! Which article was your favorite? Did you live with more KEFI this year? Tell us in the comments. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

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