2017 Year in Review: Orthodox Faith

2017 WindyCity Greek Year in Review

This past year, we brought you many articles about church communities celebrating milestone anniversaries and more. Let’s take a look back, with the Year in Review in Orthodox Faith.

2017 Orthodox Faith

This year, we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Orthodoxy and several parish milestones. Also, Chicago area Greeks said goodbye to their beloved Metropolitan Iakovos.  Let’s take a look back at 2017 in Orthodox Faith.



2017 WindyCity Greek Year in Review Orthodox Faith



Growing, Thriving St. Sophia Church Sets Sights on New Church

The thriving community of St. Sophia Church of Elgin, IL will soon realize their dream of building a new Byzantine-style church. Learn more. Read more


Advent Season Activities for Kids

Help your kids prepare for the Nativity with some fun craft projects. Here are some ideas to help you get started, from Anthony Ruggierio, Pastoral Assistant & Youth Director at St. Demetrios Church in Elmhurst, IL. Use your imagination to come up with other fun projects. They make great gifts, too! In Christmas Edition 2017. Read more


The 12 Days of (Greek) Christmas: Dodekaimeron

Surely you’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas. Apollo Papafrangou explains the Orthodox significance of these important days. In Christmas Edition 2017. Read more

Komboskini Jewel School Orthodox Faith
In the popular JEWEL SCHOOL series, Paraskevi from Paul’s Jewelers told us about a precious bracelet, the Komboskini, Orthodox Prayer Rope. IMAGE: paulsjewelers.com



Orthodox Children’s Books for Christmas

This Nativity season, share the gift of storytelling with your children. Bedtime is a great time to read together and share quality, one-on-one time. Here are some recommendations from Author Chrissi for some wonderful books to share with your children that teach us about the Nativity Season. In Christmas Edition 2017. Read more


Saints of the Season

Many saints are commemorated during the holiday season. Some will be celebrated during the 40 Day Liturgies, with Divine Liturgy, and others with Great Vespers. The 40 Day Liturgies are special services that take place beginning on November 15, when the Nativity Fast begins. Learn more in Christmas Edition 2017. Read more


Songs of the Season

Everyone knows the traditional Kalanta, but did you know there are other songs sung during this holiday season? Here are some songs of the season, in Greek, phonetic English, and the English translations. Find out, in Christmas Edition 2017. Read more


St. Basil Church Chicago Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

This Chicago parish may be small, but its dedicated community has kept it going through fires, and more, for the past 90 years. Learn more about St. Basil Church. Read more



Orthodox Faith Epiphany Celebration in Japan
Father David Hostetler celebrated the very first Epiphany Blessing of the Waters service in Japan. IMAGE: Father David C. Hostetler, LT, CHC, USN



St. Demetrios Elmhurst Celebrates 50 Years of Faith, Family, & Heritage

Another Chicago area parish, St. Demetrios in Elmhurst, IL celebrates a milestone anniversary this year. Learn about this dynamic Chicago area community. Read more


St. Spyridon Church: Chicago Area Parish Celebrates 100 Years of God’s Faithfulness

This year, St. Spyridon Church in Palos Heights, IL celebrates its 100th anniversary. Learn about the parish’s humble beginnings and its growing community. Read more


Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Orthodox Christianity in Chicago

This month, join the Pan Orthodox celebration of 125 years of Orthodox Christianity in Chicago. Learn about Orthodoxy’s beginnings in Chicago. Read more


St. Spyridon Church of Palos Heights, IL Orthodox Faith
St. Spyridon Church of Palos Heights, IL celebrated 100 years of faith this year. IMAGE: saint-spyridon.org



St. Nicholas Church of Oak Lawn: Reflections on its 90th Anniversary

St. Nicholas Church is a thriving parish, serving Chicago’s South Side Greeks since 1927. Learn about the parish’s history, its rare designation, and the upcoming 90th anniversary celebration. Read more


Jewel School: What’s a Komboskini and What’s it For?

Do you have a Komboskini? Have you ever worn one? Read on to discover the history and purpose of these prayer ropes worn by Greek Orthodox faithful. Read more 


His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos has Fallen Asleep in the Lord

With a heavy heart and profound sadness, we report the passing our beloved Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago. He was 89 years old. May his memory be eternal. Read more


125th anniversary of Orthodoxy in Chicago Celebration
2017 marked the 125th anniversary of Orthodox in Chicago. IMAGE: ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CLERGY ASSOCIATION OF GREATER CHICAO OCCA



A Calendar for Great Lent

Our friends at Orthodox Christian Parenting blog share this calendar that takes a different Lenten theme for eachweek of Great Lent and offers daily suggestions of ways for families to learn more about that theme. In Pascha Issue 2017. Read more


Making Lent Great For Your Family

Philip Mamalakis, PhD shares tips on how to engage the family in fasting, prayer, and more this Lenten season. In Pascha Issue 2017. Read more


Understanding the Services of Great and Holy Lent

Father Christos Mihalopoulos from St. Demetrios Church in Chicago describes some of the services of Great and Holy Lent so we may realize the beauty that is Lent and to witness our Lord’s glorious resurrection.  In Pascha Issue 2017. Read more


Why Do We Celebrate Pascha on a Different Day?

Eastern and Western Christians typically celebrate Easter on a different day, though it does coincide every few years. Have you ever wondered why? Perhaps you’ve heard it has to do with a different calendar. Or that it can’t happen until after the Passover. And what does the moon have to do with all of this? Let’s delve into this “hot topic”. In Pascha Issue 2017. Read more


Holy Week Services at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at the services of Holy Week. Check your local parish for times. Read more


St. Nicholas Shrine: Church, Museum, Remembrance Site

St. Nicholas Shrine at the World Trade Center will be a church, a museum, and a place to remember the victims of 9/11. Join us on our VIP tour. Read more


Miraculous Greek Orthodox Icon from Pennsylvania in Chicago

On May 19, Chicagoans had the opportunity to venerate a myrrh-streaming Greek Orthodox icon from Pennsylvania that’s been associated with many miracles. Read more


1st Japanese Epiphany Blessing of the Waters Service

Greek Orthodox Navy Chaplain, Father David C. Hostetler hosted the very first Japanese Epiphany Blessing of the Waters. Learn about the event, and meet Father David. Read more



Orthodox Faith 2017

2017 was quite a year. We hope you found these Orthodox Faith articles interesting. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below. We’ll bring you more faith-related articles in 2018. See you then!


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