3 Reasons You Should Hire a Tour Guide in Athens, Greece

Athens Greece tour guide agora

Traveling to Greece? Top-rated Athens Tour Guide Onoufrios Dovletis says that to make the most of your trip, you should hire a pro tour guide. Here’s why.


Athens, Greece: There’s so much to see and do

So where do you even start? If you want to get the most out of your visit to Athens, you should hire a tour guide.. Because, let’s face it, many of the ruins in Greece are literally ruins. So you definitely need someone to explain what it is you are looking at because it might look insignificant but it could be the school of Aristotle or something with great historical importance.

Athens Greece tour guide agora
Just what happened in the Ancient Agora in Athens? A good tour guide can tell you, and make the experience more enjoyable. IMAGE: PIXABAY


3 reasons why you should hire a tour guide in Athens


1. A tour guide knows where to go.

Honestly, only a local or someone who is well-versed in the happenings of the city can tell you about ‘this hidden tavern where only locals go’. It’s also a good way to avoid tourist traps and see things you might otherwise miss.2.  A tour guide knows what to show you.

2. Most people don’t have a lot of vacation time.

So why exhaust yourself and waste time looking at every single thing, or things that aren’t of great interest to you? A tour guide can show you the most important exhibits and maximize your time touring and seeing sites, so you have more time to relax on the beach.

3. A tour guide is knowledgeable and can make the experience more fun.

Professional tour guides know the historical, intriguing, and funny details that will make your visit more interesting and fun. A good tour guide makes all the difference.


PRO TIP: Be selective on who you choose. Choose a tour guide that is knowledgeable, entertaining, energetic, passionate, and flexible.

Greece tour guide changing of the guard
Everyone goes to see the changing of the guards in Athens. But where else should you go? A pro tour guide can help. IMAGE: PIXABAY


Pro Tour Guide Recommendation: 2 must-see places in Athens

Apart from the obvious must-sees, such as the Acropolis or the brilliant Acropolis Museum, here are some places you don’t want to miss.

  • The Agora: It’s the center of ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the site with the best-preserved temple in Greece, and the place where Socrates taught his students — and was executed by his fellow citizens (that’s the juicy stuff you would be missing without a guide!).

  • National Archaeological Museum: This is the biggest museum in the country — and one of the most important ones in the world. Its collection includes artifacts from the period of the Trojan War and from the half-sunken relics from the volcanic eruption island of Santorini, plus statues showcasing the evolution of sculpture throughout antiquity, and a lot more!

Onoufrios Dovletis Greek Poets Greece tour guide

Onoufrios Dovletis is a Trip Advisor top-rated licensed tour guide in Athens who’s known for his enthusiasm and sense of humor. Born in Thessaloniki, he’s lived in Athens since he was 10. He studied history and archaeology, translation, writing and acting, in Greece, Italy, and England. He’s also a poet, and an actor. Previously, he taught kids and adults, on various subjects. He’s also a translator. Onoufrios has a passion for languages, and has studied Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, and Russian.

Connect with him on his website, email, or via Whatsapp/Viber at +306975361725


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