Local 4th Graders Help Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation [VIDEO]

Two Chicago area 4th graders, one a Greek-American, raised money for the Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation. They learned valuable lessons in the process, and so did we. Learn their story.


Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation Receives Donation from Chicago Area 4th Graders

Two friends decided they wanted to make a difference. Watch the video to learn how a class assignment turned into a philanthropic endeavor for Ava Gaeto, and Greek-American Angeliki Karamitsos — a.k.a. Uni.co. Not only did they make a difference and bring about awareness of the Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation, but they also learned valuable lessons. They’ve taught us a thing or two in the process.


4th graders Angeliki Karamitsos & Ava Gaeto raised money to benefit Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation
As Uni.co, 4th graders Angeliki Karamitsos & Ava Gaeto raised money to benefit Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation. IMAGE: WINDYCITY GREEK


The girls wish to thank Michael’s in Hillside, their families, and WindyCity Greek for supporting their very first philanthropic endeavor. Angeliki is one of our junior writers and the daughter of WindyCity Greek Founder & Editor Maria A. Karamitsos. We gladly supported them and we applaud ourphilanthropists in this effort. There are great things to come from these 4th graders!


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Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation

Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation supports the ground-breaking research of Dr. Leon Platanias at Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago. The organization recently raised $3.5 million at the their annual “Wings to Cure” to benefit the high-impact translational research at the Lurie. Learn more about HCRF here, and join in the fight against cancer. We can find a cure — and eradicate cancer — in this lifetime.


“We’re planning our next fundraiser. There’s more people to help.” ~ Uni.co



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