5 Ways to Stay on Track: New Year, New Habits, New You

Lifestyle & Health Columnist Roula Marinos Papamihail, CHHC shows us 5 ways to stay on track for a healthy new year.

New Year’s Resolutions


“This year I will lose weight.”

“This year I will work out more.”

“This year I will drink less.”

“This year I will quit smoking.”

“This year I will eat healthy.”


Sound familiar?


These are a few of the top New Year’s resolutions that people make EVERY year. Unfortunately, only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions and the majority of the population instead, falls short when reaching their New Year goals. If you’re reading this and you happen to be part of the successful 8% then the following is a just a recap for you. If you’re part of the 92% that struggles with keeping you’re resolutions every year, then the following will help.


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Is this you?

Why do so many people fail at keeping their resolutions? One big reason is that most fail to realize that any change in behavior that requires repetitive action (i.e. resolutions) is a habit. As the old saying goes, we are the sum of our habits and if your daily habits are undermining your health then they’ll also prevent you from sticking to your health related resolutions.


Want to succeed with your resolutions this year? Then you’ll have to change or add in new habits. 


Whatever you would make habitual, practice it; and if you would not make a thing habitual, do not practice it, but habituate yourself to something else.” ~ Epictetus (Greek Stoic Philosopher)


5 ways to help you stay on track

When it comes to resolutions, just like any other positive habit that you’re trying to incorporate into your daily routine, clarity, planning and commitment are required. Always remember that the quality of your life mirrors the quality of your habits so if you’re trying to improve certain areas of your life, changing your habits is key. Here are 5 ways to help you stay on track.


1. Write it out.

Thoroughly identify and clarify your goals, then write it all down. Writing your goals out, as well as how you will accomplish them will not only help solidify your plan, but will also raise your chances of actually sticking with your resolutions!


2. Keep your resolutions small.

Keep them small. I’m a firm believer that small daily changes will eventually lead to big results! Have a resolution of wanting to eat healthier? Break it down and commit to eating a salad at least 5x a week. Or add in a green smoothie and or a fermented food every day. Resolutions such as these are easy to implement, don’t take a lot of foresight and most importantly can dramatically improve your health!


3. Change your mindset.

Resolve to change any hindering types of thoughts that interfere with your commitment to following through on your health related resolutions. For example, if you’ve set a goal of working out 3x a week for the new year and you find yourself having thoughts such as ” I don’t feel like it,” “I’m not in the mood,” or “ I’ll do it tomorrow,” make a conscious effort to actually change your thoughts so that they benefit you. Instead, tell yourself “I DO feel like working out,” “I AM in the mood,” and “I’ll DO IT TODAY”! Practicing this exercise is key for its success, since not only are our actions habitual but so are our thoughts!

4. Decide to commit.

Along with mindset comes commitment. Stick to it no matter what! Keep in mind that a strong focus now creates a different future later. Schedule it in, join a gym, hire a health coach, do whatever you feel is needed to help you commit to your goals and do whatever it takes! The first couple of weeks when implementing a new habit are the most uncomfortable and where most people fall off. The resistance and uncomfortable feelings (negative mindset) associated with these new habits is temporary and once you pass through them (usually lasting 2-3 weeks), maintaining becomes easier and most importantly, extremely rewarding!


5. Start today!

Have you resolved to eat healthier in the New Year but actually find yourself eating even worse than before, the last few weeks of this year?!

Unfortunately, this type of compensatory behavior is a type of self-sabotage that actually reinforces the current unwanted behavior you’re trying to change, making it even harder to implement your resolutions. Instead, choose to start today and start “practicing” your new habit on a daily basis, preparing yourself for full commitment on New Year’s Day.


Practice yourself, for heaven’s sake, in little things; and thence proceed to greater.” ~ Epictetus


Don’t give up – start again

Even if you do find that by mid-January you’re starting to fall short of your resolutions, following the steps above will allow you to just pick up where you left off and keep going without missing a beat. While the length of your list is dependent on how much you’re trying to improve this year, don’t forget to also add on to resolve to NOT GIVE UP on your resolutions.


Happy New You!

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