Katerina Sirouni

Katerina Sirouni

Contributing Writer

Chicago native Katerina Sirouni is an Athens, Greece-based licensed architect. She received her degree in Architecture and Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece.

Katerina is experienced in designing, constructing and renovating residential and commercial property, as well as issuing all property-related certificates and permits. She offers property management and consulting services predominantly to non-Greek residents with regard to property in Greece.

She is a guest speaker on two radio programs: Φωνή της Ελλάδας – Voice of Greece, which airs live in Greece on the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT); and the Atlanta, GA-based Echoes of Athens, which airs online.

In 2014, Katerina published a well-regarded series of articles in The Greek Star newspaper, entitled, “The Changing Landscape of Property Ownership in Greece: Know Your Rights and Obligations.” She also conducted workshops in Chicago and New York, educating Americans about the new laws, and how they affect their property in Greece.


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