Actor Gilles Marini: Family and Future Plans

Gilles Marini

Entertainment Reporter Markos Papadatos recently caught up with actor Gilles Marini. He spoke about his family, his Greek heritage, and future plans.

Meet Gilles Marini

Born to a Greek mother and French father, Gilles Marini grew up in a small town on the French Riviera. From a young age he worked in his father’s bakery. After high school, he joined the French army and was stationed in Paris. There, he served as a fireman for the famous Paris Fire Brigade.

He burst onto the scene in 2008, when he appeared in what has been called “the second greatest shower scene in history”, in Sex and the City: The Movie. He’s charmed audiences on both the big and small screens.

Gilles and his wife, Carole, have a son, Georges, and a daughter, Julia.


Greek-French Actor Gilles Marini. Photo by Alan Mercer


Family time

Family time is very important to the actor. Recently, they vacationed at Turks and Caicos.

“Besides the fact that I wouldn’t mind living there, it was absolutely amazing. The people at the resort were very, very nice. We had a blast.”

He praised his wife, Carole, for being an “invincible human being.”

“Carole does so much for everyone. I don’t even understand how she does it. I thought her mom was the best mom one could ask for, and Carole is being the 2.0 version of her mom. I am a very lucky man.”

An equally important person in his life, is his mom, who instilled the hard work ethic in him.


Proud of his Greek heritage

In the Greek culture, one of his proudest achievements was winning the “Artistic Humanitarian Award” from the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund (HTSF), several years back.

“That was so cool. Then, I received the Elios Award in November in San Francisco, which was a thrill.”


Raising awareness for breast cancer

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that is dear to his heart, and he hopes to do more to help in this area.
“It would be phenomenal to go more into politics someday. I really want to keep America strong, and do more educational shows.”

Future plans

Gilles discussed what’s next for him.

“I finished two scripted shows that I wrote and created, and hopefully something will happen with that. This is what is next for me. I’ve acted for a long time now, and I love it, and I would love to do more producing. I want to be a part of the creative aspect of a new television show.”

Learn more about Gilles Marini on his website.


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