AHC Launches Campaign to Help Elpis Hospital in Athens

A film presentation at the recent Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, which shined the light on the challenges of the Greek economic crisis on the healthcare system, has sparked a new initiative by the American Hellenic Council (AHC), to assist Elpis Hospital in Athens, Greece.



“AGORA speaks about the economic crisis and describes how it is affecting hospitals in Greece,” shared Evangelia Lazaris, AHC’s Associate Director.

The documentary, written and directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos, is also the recipient of the festival’s Best Documentary Film Orpheus Award. With its story of the effects of the crisis, described as a “economical vortex that devours human lives in its path,” AGORA introduces viewers to Elpis Hospital in Athens, one of the many hospitals in Greece, struggling to offer care with little-to-no funding.

“These hospitals have no supplies. The doctors and other personnel are working for free. Equipment is outdated. We felt we had to do something to help,” she added.

AHC has embarked on Project Elpis, to raise funds to assist Elpis Hospital in Athens. The crowdfunding campaign has a $100,000 goal. The effort is being promoted via Facebook, through area churches and organizations, and word is getting out.

“We reached 1/10 of our goal in just a week-and-a-half, with no real promotion,” Lazaris stated.

If you’ve ever been to a hospital in Greece, you’ve had a glimpse of the spartan conditions in which they operate. Elpis is just one of many Greek hospitals in need of assistance, but it’s a start. Elpis is the Greek word for hope. Let’s give some hope to those in need.


Watch this video clip of AGORA


Update: This event has already taken place. 
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