Things to Do in Athens: Athens Art Festivals

Athens Art Festival Petit Paris d'Athenes

Athens Arts Festivals confirm the city’s significance as a cultural center. Check out these cool art festivals in October.

By: Chryssoula Katsarou


Athens Arts Festivals – October 2017

Confirming its historical significance as a cultural center, Athens celebrates art almost everywhere! Theater — ancient and contemporary – music, art, even elves will be waiting you οn the city’s streets and various sites and venues, offering a unique experience.

Four such events are held during the first days of October.


The Stones Speak

Athens is the place where theater was born, and everywhere in the city. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the words of Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, and Aristophanes can echo in your ears.

The great writers of antiquity come to life in “The “Stones Speak”, held at select archaeological sites and monuments of Athens, through theatrical performances offered by young talented actors.

Organized by the Attica Hotel Association, the project aims to give a “different angle, a new life and an alternative way to interact with the archaeological sites and monuments at the centre of Athens”.

Things to do: Enjoy free daily theatrical performances that take place daily in Greek, English, and French

When: thru October 10

Where: Various venues in central Athens



Watch a video about “The Stones Speak”





What if you can meet elves, magicians, brave warriors, and mythical creators from all over the galaxy? You can, at FantastiCon 2017, the Greek convention exclusively dedicated to the realm of fantasy. Its main objectives are “the promotion and dissemination of the Fantasy culture in all artistic expressions and the visibility of Greek and foreign artists and their works to a wider audience”.

Things to Do: Attend seminars; play board games and video games; and meet artists from Greece and abroad. Also, visitors can become judges at the FantasticArt 2017- Digital Art Competition, and test their knowledge at Quiz and enrich their collections from the exhibitions of book and  handmade objects.

When: October 7-8

Where: Hellenic American Union, 22 Massalias Str. , Kolonaki






Petit Paris d’ Athènes

Theater lovers will have the opportunity to experience unique moments filled with music, art, and photography exhibitions; street art; theater and variété lectures; educational programs and guided tours in the city center.

The “Little Paris of Athens” started in October 2013, 100 years after the birth of Albert Camus, in the neighborhood in the center of Athens where most streets have French names, like Victor Hugo, Favier, Maison, Marne, Chateaubriand, Satovriandou, Bérengère, Veranzero and others. This year’s theme is “The Woman in Europe”.

Athens Art Network created this festival to “present” artistic events in one of the most underprivileged regions of Athens. It gained popularity and transformed into a well-known international multi-festival: More than 500 artists participate in more than 40 selected places (streets, squares, theaters, conservatories, schools, galleries, bistros, hotels, parks, neoclassical-historical buildings alternative spaces).

Things to do: View music, art, and photography exhibitions; and street art. Attend theater and variété lectures, plus educational programs, and guided tours in the city center

When: October 5-15

Where: The wider area of the center, under Omonoia Square, around Vathis Square and Karaiskaki Square, to Larissa & Peloponnese stations







Surprise is an international campaign that unites the artistic community and engages art as a way of solving serious social problems. It started in 2009 and since then, more than 2,000 artists from all over the world have participated in various such festivals.

Each edition of Surprise features around 300 artists from a broad spectrum of artists, such as internationally renowned stars or fine art students. All artworks are small format, are offered for the same symbolic price (50 euros) and are signed at the back. The artist’s identity gets revealed only after the artwork is sold, hence the “SURPRISE”.

Prior to the exhibition at the physical space, the artworks are  exhibited online, for the audience to study. The names of the artists will be posted online after the end of the sale.

The proceeds from the artworks’ sales will be donated to the Homeless Support Program of  KLIMAKA NGO which is a social, non-profit organization, implementing diverse successful solutions for the support of the homeless since 2001.

Things to Do: View art for a good cause.

When: October 13-15

Where: “Earth K44”, 44 Konstantinoupoleos Str., Gazi, Athens.






More events that showcase a modern, dynamic Athens


These events are part of the effort to get the city out of its “shell” in order to become a destination for all seasons and tastes, while at the same time, it offers new and exciting events for the increasingly demanding tastes of its inhabitants. So, remember, there’s always something cool to do in Athens!


Guest writer Chryssoula KatsarouChryssoula Katsarou was born & raised in Athens. She studied journalism and international relations in Athens and in Leeds, UK. She’s written for the newspaper, Ethnos, for 17 years.  For several years, Chryssoula translated books — mainly crime fiction — for the publishing house, “Kaktos”. She loves books, cinema, world politics, and most of all, a good dinner with good friends and good wine. She and her husband have two children.




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