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REVIEW: Falling in Honey: How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart

Brit Jennifer Barclay shares her story of how a small, little-known Greek island changed her life forever, in Falling in Honey: How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart.


Meet Jennifer Barclay

As a child, Jennifer traveled to Greece with her family, and quickly fell in love with the country. Finding a journal from a trip to Corfu in 1980, reminded her of the impact the Greek isles had already had on her life.

“The journal revealed that I was clearly already smitten with the Greek islands: everything from the beach and warm sunshine and blue sea, to the little whitewashed houses, the food, the music and the dancing. As I grew up, I found the wild open spaces, empty hillsides, abandoned ruins and watching the moon over the sea incredibly romantic.”

Later she lived in Athens for one year, finishing university.

“I was struck by the warmth of strangers in the city; I loved being able to get on a ferry and have an island adventure on my weekends.”

When she came to North America for 10 years, she couldn’t visit Greece as often as she had before. But this lover of all things Greek found herself living in a Greek neighborhood and realized just how much she missed hearing the language—and being there.


Go to Greece

At the age of 40, she decided to do something just for her, so she could determine her next steps in life. The obvious answer, she said, was “Go to Greece.”  After a failed relationship, Jennifer found her way to Tilos. She spent a month exploring the island and learning about herself. She knew she’d find a way to get back there someday. Tilos had engraved its name on her heart, and pulled her back like a magnet.

Back in England, she went about her life, but still dreamed of the island. Jennifer embarked on another relationship, and when she became engaged, she and her fiancé vacationed in Tilos. She couldn’t wait to share the island with her future husband. He fell in love with the island too, and they decided to move there. They looked at houses, made plans. They dreamed of their life on the island paradise. But something didn’t feel right. Soon after, he revealed that he’d been living a lie. Despite the betrayal, she carried on with her plans. Tilos is where she belonged.  Leaving her fiancé and her past behind, Jennifer packed it all up and moved to Tilos to begin a new life.


FFalling in Honey by Jennifer Barclayalling in Honey

In Falling in Honey, Jennifer Barclay details her discovery of the tiny island, which she calls, “intoxicating.” We follow her on her journey to Tilos to live her dream.

“This book is about grasping life by its goat-horns and taking action to make it better. It’s about not feeling you have to take the conventional route, but taking risks. It’s about watching two friends get sick with cancer and remembering that we have to make the most of life. Those few years were filled with some interesting twists and turns, and I hope it makes an entertaining tale.”


What’s next

Jennifer continues to chronicle her life on Tilos, in the blog “An Octopus in my Ouzo.” When she isn’t working as an editor, she’s writing the follow-up.   Falling in Honey will have you wishing you could start anew on a Greek island too. It’s a story about picking yourself up from disappointment and carrying on. It’s about taking risks, and being true to you. It reminds us to not give up on our dreams.

Available on Amazon.

Falling in Honey: How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart

By: Jennifer Barclay

Publisher: Sourcebooks

ISBN-10: 1402285108 ISBN-13: 978-1402285103

Published: March 4, 2014


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