This Chicago Greek is Greece’s National Figure Skating Champion [Q&A]

Chicago Greek

Greek National Figure Skating Champion Dimitra Korri has been representing Greece competitively for 6 years. Meet this proud Chicago Greek, and learn about her “other” career.

Meet Chicago Greek Dimitra Korri

We recently caught up with Chicago Greek girl Dimitra Korri, Greece’s National Figure Skating Champion. Meet her!



Chicago Greek Dimitra Korri
2017 Greek National Figure Skating Champion Dimitra Korri. IMAGE: DIMITRA KORRI


Q&A with Dimitra Korri


Maria A. Karamitsos: Where were you born and raised?

Dimitra Korri: I was born in Chicago however I spent my childhood split between Greece and the U.S. I went to school in the U.S. and then spent my summers in Greece.


MAK: Where do you trace your Greek roots?

DK: My mother is from Sparta and my father is from Distomo.


MAK: Where do you go to church?

DK: I go to the St. George Greek Orthodox Church.


MAK: Tell us about your Chicago Greek community connections.

DK: I am a member of the Hellenic Student Association at Loyola University as well as the Distomitan Patriotic Society.


MAK: What are you studying at Loyola?

DK: I am double majoring in Communication Studies and International Film & Media Production, and minoring in Spanish.


MAK: When did you start ice skating?

DK: I started figure skating recreationally when I was about five years old and then started skating competitively at age fourteen.


MAK: Tell us briefly about your skating career, when you began competing, etc.

DK: I have competed internationally representing Greece for the past 6 years. I hold two national gold medals, two national silver medals, and one national bronze medal. Currently, I am the 2017 Greek National Champion. I am a former Junior Grand Prix competitor and the 2017 Coppa Europa Senior Ladies Silver Medalist. I have also performed locally in shows at Millenium Park and in benefit shows at Chicagoland ice arenas.


MAK: Talk about skating for Greece, and winning the National championship.

DK: Having the opportunity to skate for Greece has been a childhood dream come true for me. Winning the national championship this year was an incredible experience because my skating was well received by the crowd and it feels great to be inspiring Greek youth to pursue competitive skating careers.


MAK: I didn’t know that ice skating was popular in Greece. Talk about ice skating in Greece, popularity of the sport, etc.

DK: As surprising as it may sound there have been many skaters throughout the years that have represented the country at the international level since 1989. Figure skating is a growing sport in Greece and I am honored to be a member of the Greek National Team. I am excited and looking forward to the future of figure skating in Greece.


MAK: What’s next for you as a skater?

DK: I will be starting my 2017-2018 competitive season with the 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy, which is an Olympic Winter Games qualifying event. I will also be competing in various other senior level international events to qualify for the 2018 European and World Championships. –


MAK: You’re also a writer and filmmaker. Talk about this work.

DK: Filmmaking is something I fell in love with my senior year of high school when I took a video production class. After making my first short film I decided it was something I wanted to pursue in my university studies. I have directed, shot and produced music videos, commercial/promotional videos, documentary and narrative shorts, as well as journalistic video pieces. One of the music videos I directed was featured at the 2014 Chicago International Movies and Music film festival. I have also recently publically released episodes of my documentary short, “Street Dog Anthem,” on my Vimeo page. The documentary is about stray dog issues in Chile. Watch it here.


MAK: What’s next for you? Tell us about your future plans.

DK: I look forward to coaching in Greece to help students foster their skating skills. It makes me happy to see kids in Greece get excited about something that I am extremely passionate about. Furthermore, I am working on a script for a film that I hope to direct and produce in Greece.


Connect with Dimitra Korri: Facebook, Instagram


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