REVIEW- Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter

Gus Constantine’s heart-wrenching story ‘Escaping Cyprus’ comes full circle in Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter. You won’t want to miss this one.

Escaping Cyprus II Author Gus Constantine

Readers will recall Author Gus Constantine is a proud Greek-Cypriot-American from Long Island, NY. The retired UPS tractor-trailer driver has an imaginative mind. Gus has a real talent for crafting an engaging and endearing story.


Gus Constantine author of Escaping Cyprus II
Gus Constantine at a recent event for Escaping Cyprus II. The book is garnering great reviews.

Commemorating the victims of the Cyprus Invasion

A passionate Greek-Cypriot-American, Gus has heard many stories about the 1974 Invasion of Cyprus. Hearing these harrowing stories compelled him to bring this little-known history to the forefront. Based on true accounts, Escaping Cyprus, tells of these tragic stories that reveal the brutality that the Greek-Cypriots experienced during the invasion. When I spoke to Gus after the book came out, he stressed the importance of people knowing what really happened there.

“Unfortunately, in every war, women are victimized. It doesn’t win wars — it’s about power and domination. I heard so many stories like that, it was important to tell them. I call it the untold story.”

Escaping Cyprus has become popular in book clubs. Gus reads the book and signs copies at many events in the NY area.


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About Escaping Cyprus II

It’s 42 years later. Rebecca and Michael’s children are successful, now with children of their own. Haji is also married, and the families remained very close. Michael and Haji have done very well in business, and the families have had a good life.

Throughout the years, there no talk of Cyprus, as the scars run deep. The children know nothing of their roots, not even the names of the villages of their parents’ birth.

The family is rocked by the news of a car crash that kills Michael and Michael, Jr. Rebecca is devastated as Michael was her rock. He knew her story, and loved her anyway.

Her son, Demetri, a U.S. Senator, mounts a successful campaign for president. Turkish officials squirm as they ponder the ramifications of a U.S. president with Greek-Cypriot roots. As the family settles into the White House and life under Secret Service detail, the Turks move forward on their plans for America — the sooner the better. Turkish officials try unsuccessfully to trap their U.S. counterparts, in attempt to gain some leverage against the U.S. president.

Then a terrorist attack strikes New York City. The entire family is rushed to an undisclosed location. Demetri discovers that his mother and Uncle Haji have been sending money to Cyprus for years. He sends someone to Cyprus to investigate, only to return with more questions. He corners his uncle. He must know the truth — but this truth is more than he bargained for.

Demetri wants revenge for his mother. ISIS claims responsibility for the NY attack, and then he learns that Turkey is involved. But he’s the president. He can’t make this personal, however, when he finds out his family’s story is connected, how could he not?


Escaping Cyprus II cover
Escaping Cyprus II is now available.


Review of Escaping Cyprus II

Hold onto your hats! This incredible story by Gus Constantine has many unexpected twists and turns. It’s a suspenseful story that you just can’t put down. I could see it all unfolding in my mind’s eye, like a movie. Hello, Hollywood? And now, I wonder, what would happen if we had a Greek-Cypriot in the White House? That would be a game-changer for sure. Don’t miss Escaping Cyprus II. It’s a rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss.

Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter

By: Gus Constantine

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition

ISBN-10: 1540415716

ISBN-13: 978-1540415714

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  1. I really enjoyed these articles, and I especially liked the recommendations of Greek authors. I have read several other not listed today. Dr, nicholas Kokonis “Arcadia, my Arcadia” and “Out of Arcadia”.
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