FERTILITY LOGIA: 5 Important Weight Loss Ideas for a Healthy Mom & Healthy Baby

Fertility Logia by Dr Angeline Beltsos of Vios Fertility Institute

Dr. Angeline Beltsos of Vios Fertility Institute is back with more Fertility Logia. Today, she talks about weight loss for a healthy mom & baby. Find out!

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By: Dr. Angeline Beltsos, MD


Fertility Logia: Weight loss for a healthy mom & baby

May brings flowers and Mother’s Day! For those who are moms, Hronia Polla!  And for those trying to be a mom, I’m here to help you find a way. There are many solutions for those hoping to get pregnant and haven’t found success…yet. Have a quick check of your Fertility Pulse and see what might be going on.

For some, weight can affect our chances, so this month let’s talk about getting into tip-top shape.

Weight loss remains a challenge for most of us. With summer upon us and with many of Yiayia’s best cooked meals coming to the table, managing diet is not so easy. A review of over 33 published studies evaluating the effect of weight and getting pregnant, showed that being overweight can cause fertility problems. The best way to look at weight is body mass index (BMI) which allows one to examine their height-to-weight ratio. Moving from overweight to normal BMI can reduce the miscarriage rate by 13% and increase the chance of baby by10%!  This is a huge jump.

According to the latest U.S government tracking of obesity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics found that more than 2/3 of U.S. adults are overweight (BMI greater than 25) and of those, 36.5% of U.S. adults fall in the obese category (BMI greater than 30).

Many people want to lose weight. According to an article in Journal of America Medical Association, approximately half of the overweight and obese patients are trying to lose weight. But it is not so easy, especially for women who have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder and is associated with elevated BMI. For some women, weight loss can be the difference between infertility and having a baby.


Fertility Logia baby


5 Important Weight Loss Ideas for a Healthy Mom & Healthy Baby

As we enjoy the rest of May 2018, and even Mother’s Day… and still try to keep those New Year’s resolutions, here are 5 things that may be keeping you from losing weight, and ideas to help you get to a healthy weight.


#1.  Calorie “Amnesia”

As described by Dr. Melina Jampolis in the CNN article, ‘Why am I not losing weight?’, total calories eaten can be confused and forgotten as we slip in a little extra snack here and there during the day.

Solution: Keep a food journal on an app. Research shows that by watching and tracking our food intake, the chance of losing weight can double!


Fertility Logia Keep a food journal for weight loss


#2.  Weekend vacation from dieting

You worked so hard to not eat poorly Monday through Thursday. With the end of the week, Friday Happy Hour and Saturday and Sunday parties create a real increase in the amount of food and drink we consume. All the hard work 4 days a week can get crushed with 3 days of less careful choices. As described by the National Weight Control Registry, those who have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for over 1 year have maintained their diet throughout the whole 7days of the week.

Solution:  Give yourself one treat per weekend. Enjoy the weekend by giving yourself a treat on Saturday. Try to pick one thing that’s not in your diet. Have a cocktail but not dessert. Or, have the pasta but no bread. Once Monday hits, go back to your routine.


#3.  Move after a meal

After we eat our body could use a little workout. Weight gain gets harder to fight when we eat and then rest.

Solution: Walk after dinner. Leave the dishes behind and take a quick jaunt around the block with a good pace. Getting your heart rate up will help you metabolize your dinner. So grab your partner and get out there for a nice evening stroll.


Fertility Logia take a walk


#4.  Don’t forget to drink

Dehydration is a common problem for us our body craves water and we often don’t drink enough. While losing weight this can be even a bigger concern.Alos, we sometimes drink beverages that add fuel to the fire as they actually dehydrate us even more, like coffee and alcohol.

Solution: Hydrate! Make sure that for every coffee or cocktail, you chase it with a nice cold glass of water. Sometimes adding a flavor to the water can add some fun to this incredible part of your diet. Cut up some lime and lemon wedges and place them in a plastic bag for easy use. Herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary mixed with fruits like apple, orange, or pineapple can make it even more enticing. Starting today, try to double the water you drink since we tend to not drink enough. This also is very important as you lose weight to rinse away ketones.


#5.  Don’t go at it alone

We are often more likely to do something new if we have someone to share in the experience. Behavior modification experts have studied this for years, but we know this to be true many times in our life. Change is never easy and removing some of the temptations takes courage.

Solution:  Find a partner in crime. If your spouse or partner is willing, have them join the party of trying to have a healthier diet and exercise routine. Challenge and encourage each other to comply with to the plan.  It really helps!


You can do it!

Best of luck on your weight loss endeavors. If you still don’t find success, consider seeing a doctor or consultant who specializes in weight loss.

Getting rid of that extra weight and getting healthy will help your fertility by making it more likely to achieve pregnancy, less chance of miscarriage and better chance of healthy pregnancy and baby.



Angeline N. Beltsos, MD is CEO and Medical Director of Vios Fertility Institute. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI), practicing medicine since 1991. Dr. Beltsos is also the Clinical Research Division Director of Vios and participates in a number of research projects and scientific publications. She has received numerous awards in teaching and has been honored as “Top Doctor” from Castle Connelly for several years. She is a popular speaker, both nationally and internationally, and a frequent media resource on the topic of infertility. She is the executive chairperson for the Midwest Reproductive Symposium International, an international conference of fertility experts. Dr. Beltsos is also a contributor to Thrive Global.

As the REI Division Education Director for the Obstetrics and Gynecology residency programs of Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Lutheran General Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Hospital Chicago, Dr. Beltsos helps educate future OB/GYN doctors. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Illinois at Chicago.

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