Greece Tour for College Students Brings Lessons to Life

Another great opportunity for our youth! Educator Alexander Kapotas has teamed up with EF Educational Tours to create a Greece tour that brings their studies to life.



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Cultural tours bring lessons to life

Alexander Kapotas, an English teacher for 18 years at Mundelein High School in Mundelein, IL has led students on cultural trips to Greece since 2008.

“Since that first trip, I have seen students grow as people, learners, and citizens through educational travel. Students leave for their trips curious about the world and return home with a thirst for more experiences to feed their minds and hearts. Students make countless life-enriching memories and connections with others that last for years to come.”

He said that in our global society, we must be more culturally aware.

“We’re increasingly interconnected, so it is critical for our students to become more culturally  aware and globally-­minded. The opportunity to experience the global classroom and see firsthand what they have been studying in their classes come to life is life­-changing. It gives them new perspectives of themselves and the world around them. They grow so much on these tours. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.”


Greece: Athens and the Islands

After organizing five such trips on his own, Alexander has decided to take it to another level. He’s teamed up with EF Educational Tours to create a special Greece tour. With 50 years of experience, EF is the world leader in international education with a global presence in 53 countries. EF is accredited, which means students can earn high school or college credit while on tour.

“Their student travel packages offer incredible travel experiences at the guaranteed lowest price.”


Greece Tour

The two-week Greece tour in Summer 2017 includes a walking tour of Athens, as well as visits to Delphi and a three-day tour of the Peloponnese. Also included are a couple of beach days, and a trip to Sounion to view the spectacular sunset.They’ll also visit five islands: Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Patmos, and Rhodes, as well as Kusadasi.

Each site has been specifically chosen to provide a great travel experience for the students. They’ll be immersed in culture, history, mythology — and have a the time of their lives.

“This isn’t an off-the-shelf tour. It’s my ‘Greatest Hits of Greece’. I’ve taken students to these places, and have seen their reactions. When they live it, it’s an entirely different experience than at school. Our tour essentially becomes a global, interactive classroom.”

The Greece tour is open to qualifying students, 18 years of age or older at the time of travel, who have demonstrated promising character, dedication to academics, and a thirst for learning are eligible. Parents are welcome to join the tour. Students do not need to be of Greek descent or have knowledge of the Greek language.



What a fantastic way for college students to experience magical Greece. Those of us that have been there, know firsthand how this enchanted land can change your life forever. Sign up by May 20 to lock in this year’s pricing.

Can I come along?

Email for more information on Greece: Athens and the Islands.

Alexander Kapotas is also the author of the interactive ibook, The Gods of Olympus: An Interactive Experience, and co-creator of the “Now You Can Dance” DVD series.

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