National Poetry Month: Greek-American Poets – Georgia Bellas

April is National Poetry Month. Welcome our friend, Poet Katie Aliferis, who has curated a month of poetry, featuring Greek-American writers. In this final week, meet Georgia Bellas.

From Sappho to Ritsos, Greeks have always had a way with words. In celebration of National Poetry Month, we have collected some delightful and moving poems by contemporary Greek-American writers. We’ll spotlight a different writer each week. We hope you enjoy this series.


Curated by Katie Aliferis


Greek-American Poet Georgia Bellas
Greek-American Poet Georgia Bellas


Μάτια μου by Georgia Bellas

το παιδί το ‘πνιξε η Λάμια

Zeus said, Lamia dear,

take out your eyes—

slip into something more comfortable.

We can still have a good time.

He pours her a glass of wine,

squeezes the back of her neck,

wipes the blood from her chin.


she puts her eyeballs in a dish.

He doesn’t like to see her cry

and she’d do anything to unsee

the children’s faces—

the tiny windows of their mouths—

when she blinks.

Translation notes:

         Μάτια μου (matia mou) is a Greek term of endearment for my dear, my darling; literally means “my eyes”

         το παιδί το ‘πνιξε η Λάμια (to paidi to pnixe i Lamia) means the child was choked by Lamia, an expression used when young children die suddenly



Meet the poet

Georgia Bellas is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. Her work appears in a number of journals. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and is included in Sundress Publications2014 Best of the Net Anthology. You can follow her teddy bear, host of the award-winning weekly Internet radio show “Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon,” on Twitter @MrBearStumpy.

Meet the curator


Katie Aliferis is a Greek-American poet from San Francisco, California. Her poetry has been featured inΦωνές, Silver Birch Press, sPARKLE & bLINK, Unbroken, and other literary anthologies, journals, and websites. Her favorite poems are Jane Hirshfield’s “The Lost Love Poems of Sappho” and C.P. Cavafy’s “Όταν Διεγείρονται” (“When Roused”). When not writing, Katie can be found reading, traveling, sipping mint tea, enjoying time with friends and family, and working in cancer research. Follow Katie on her website and Twitter.


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