Year in Review Greek Books 2016

2016 Year in Review: ‘Greek Books’

We love books! We’ve so enjoyed bringing you book reviews of ‘Greek books’ — books by Greek authors or set in Greece. Let’s recap this year in Books.

Greek Books: 2016

Let’s take a look back at all the great ‘Greek books’ we reviewed this year. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Year in Review Greek Books 2016


‘Black Easter’ is an Allegory on Today’s World

Set on a Greek island, Dario Ciriello’s latest novel Black Easter, delves into the worlds of good and evil  — and the intersection. Read more


The Gods of Olympus’ Brings Mythology Lessons to Life

Greek-American teacher Alexander Kapotas combined his passion for the myths, and his experience through the years to create Read more


‘Samaritans’ by Anna Papadopoulos

Midwest-based Author Anna Papadopoulos’ pens a tale of self-discovery. Read more


‘Hidden Mosaics’ by Alexander Billinis

While living in Serbia, Alexander Billinis pondered the overlapping mosaic in their border town, which had remnants of the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian influences of the region, then began to consider identity as a complicated mosaic rather than something “black and white.” Read more


Elias Kulukundis’ Autobiography Reveals a Life Straddling Two Cultures

Elias tells the story of his developmental years, from Greece, to England to the US; to boarding school, and all the ups and downs of a rich boy trying to find his own way, despite his parents’ plans.  Read more


‘Eternity & Oranges’ by Christopher Bakken

Greece is at the forefront of this collection, though some of the poems are inspired by Italy and the Balkans as well — the people and customs bear some likeness. Read more


‘Zorba The Greek’ – a New Translation

In the skillful hands of the Professor Bien, we get much closer to the heart of Kazantzakis’ tale, without reading the original Greek. Read more


‘The OPA! Way’

The OPA! Way is a road map for living, for embracing life, for reconnecting, and helping us find our place in the world.

Read more


Christos Ikonomou – ‘Something Will Happen, You’ll See’

A work of fiction, this book tells stories of how the economic crisis in Greece has affected individuals, families, and communities. Read more


Apollo Papafrangou’s ‘Wings of Wax’

In Wings of Wax, Bay Area-based Author Apollo Papafrangou explores a young man’s Greek-American experience through the lens of his own life. Read more


Effrosyni Moschoudi’s ‘The Ebb’

Read more


Alexander Rassogianis Traces First Steps of Early Greek Immigrants in Chicago in “Entrepreneurial Spirit”

In  Read more


‘Santorini Caesars’ by Jeffrey Siger

Read more


‘The Sifnos Chronicles’ by Sharon Blomfield

‘The Sifnos Chronicles’, by Sharon Blomfield is more than a travel memoir. It’s an ode to a lovely Greek island. Read more


‘Phantasma’ by Efthalia

Mythology and ancient worlds converge with the present, in Phantasma, a thriller by Greek-Australian Author Efthalia. Read more


‘A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree’ by Marjory McGinn

Marjory McGinn, her partner Jim Bruce, and their sidekick Wallace are back in book 3, A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree, about  their tales from the Peloponnese. You’ll love it! Read more


‘Cooking for Ghosts’ by Patricia V. Davis

Best-selling Author Patricia V. Davis is back with the first in a 3-book series. The story, set on the historic Queen Mary, is full of history, intrigue, and more. Read more


‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ Reveals the Plight of Greek Jews

In this historical novel, Karen Batshaw paints a vivid picture of Nazi brutality in WWII Greece and the plight of Greek Jews. Read more


‘The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture’ by Billy Cotsis

Greek-Australian author Billy Cotsis Explores Hellenic culture around the globe. Read more


‘The Storm’ by Effrosyni Moschoudi

The Storm is the final book of the haunting and intriguing trilogy, ‘The Lady of the Pier’, by Effrosyni Moschoudi. Read more

‘Greek Books’ from this past year

Phew! Lots of ‘Greek Books’! That doesn’t even count the 11 reviews that appeared in our Summer Reading Guide 2016! (Watch for Summer Reading Guide 2017 next summer!) What were your favorite ‘Greek book’ this year? Tell us in the comments. We’ve already got some great book reviews lined up for 2017. Happy Reading!

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