Greek Gerber Baby in 2015?

The next Gerber Baby could be Greek.


Two little boys with Chicago roots are contenders to be the next Gerber Baby.


TROY from Oak Park


Little Troy Dimitrakopoulos is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid. His parents, Pete and Gabriela, are constantly told that since he’s so photogenic, they should get him into modeling. They considered it, but never pursued it. Then one day his mom read that Gerber was looking for a new Gerber Baby. They decided to give it a try, and sent in a photo.


“If Troy is selected as the Gerber Baby, it will be a fantastic opportunity to jump start his college education fund. My parents gave us such great opportunities and our goal is to do the same for our son. This is really exciting because he could be the FIRST ever GREEK Gerber Baby!”


If Troy wins either prize, the family will share the food and clothing winnings with families in need. They have yet to select a charity, but are passionate about giving back since they have been so blessed.


Troy from Oak Park - ID #306280
Troy from Oak Park – ID #306280

Chicago Connection

Baby Troy has Chicago roots; his mom grew up in northwest suburban Hoffman Estates and Barrington, and her family still lives in the area. Some of the locals may know Troy’s mom as Amy Bakos, daughter of Peter and Joan. She has two brothers and one sister.

Amy was a competitive figure skater, representing Barrington, and later Miami University, in regional, national, international, and world competitions. After graduation, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion model and actress. She moved to LA and started using her middle name, Gabriela.


Proud Greek Heritage

10 years ago, friends introduced Gabriela to Pete Dimitrakopoulos, because they were “the only two single Greek people” they knew. They were married at St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, and are active members of St. Demetrios Church in Camarillo, CA. Incidentally, Gabriela was not raised Orthodox, but converted and was Chrismated at Troy’s baptism.


LUKE from Des Plaines

There’s another little cutie in contention to be the next Gerber Baby. Luke, who’ll be one in a few weeks, is the son of Father Chris and Presbytera Toni Mihalopoulos of St. Demetrios Church in Chicago and the grandson of Father Ted Poteres of SS Constantine and Helen Church in Merrillville, IN. Father Chris grew up in south suburban Palos Hills, and Presbytera Toni in Rockford, IL. A young priest, Father Chris is dedicated to the youth of his parish, and helping to ground them in the Faith.


“It’s certainly a great opportunity to build Luke’s education fund. You just never know. If God wants Luke to be the next Gerber Baby, then he will be. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any child. If Luke does win, we will definitely give back to the church,” Father Chris stated.


Luke from Des Plaines – ID #326038

Gerber Baby Contest

The 2015 Gerber Baby is chosen by the Gerber judges and the prize is big: $50,000 toward the child’s education; $15,000 cash and $1,500 in food/clothing.



There are also six secondary prizes/categories which are chosen by the public votes.

The categories are determined by the baby’s developmental stage and both boys are in the”Crawler” category. The prizes for each category are $3,500 toward education and $750 in food/clothing.

Voting is open through November 24. Go to the website, and search ID #306280 or “Troy from Oak Park”; and ID #326038 or “Luke from Des Plaines.”  People can vote more than once, but not more than once a day. Let’s vote for both boys.

How cool would it be to have a GREEK Gerber Baby? Better get to the voting!


Na haro, na haro, na haro to moro, to moro, to moro…

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