Greek History: February

Greek flag flying in Chicago's Daley Plaza

What happened in February in Modern Greek history? Find out, as we commemorate important dates in our history.

February in Greek History

Each month, we commemorate important events in Modern Greek history. Let’s take a look back at what happened during the month of February in Greek history.


Greek flag flying in Chicago's Daley Plaza


February 1

1936 – Georgios Kondylis, Greek general & politician, 128th Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1878)

1940 – Zacharias Papantoniou, Greek journalist & critic, passed away. (b. 1877) He was the 1st to promote Evrytania.


February 2

1922 – Ulysses by James Joyce is published. The novel offers a series of parallels to Homer’s ”Odyssey”.

1946 – Constantine Papadakis, Greek-American businessman, academic,president of Drexel University, was born. (d. 2009)

1950 – Constantin Carathéodory, Greek mathematician & academic, passed away. (b. 1873) He made significant contributions to the theory of functions of a real variable, the calculus of variations, and measure theory.


February 3

1897 – The Greco-Turkish War broke out.


February 4

1843 – Theodoros Kolokotronis, Greek general, passed away. (b. 1770)

2010 – Kostas Axelos, Greek-French philosopher & author, passed away. (b. 1924)


February 5

1913 – Greek military aviators, Michael Moutoussis & Aristeidis Moraitinis performed the 1st naval air mission in history, with a Farman MF.7 hydroplane.

1919 – Andreas Papandreou, Greek economist & politician, former Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 1996)

1928 – Panayiotis Jerasimof Vatikiotis, Greek-American political scientist and historian of the Middle East, was born.He was Professor of Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. (d. 1997)

1931 – Athanasios Eftaxias, Greek politician, 118th Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b.1849)

1991– The worst accident in the history of the Hellenic Air Force took place, in which a Lockheed C-130H Hercules 748 crashed into Mount Othrys. 63 reported killed


February 6

1833 – Otto became the first modern King of Greece.


February 7

February 7, 1964 – Sofoklis Venizelos, Greek captain & politician, 133rd Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1894)

February 7, 2016 – Konstantinos Despotopoulos, Greek philosopher and politician, passed away.  He published 32 books on philosophy, history, and politics. (b. 1913)

February 8

1972 – Markos Vamvakaris, Greek singer-songwriter & bouzouki player, passed away. He was known as the “Patriarch of Rembetiko.”  (b. 1905)

1980 – Nikos Xilouris, Greek singer-songwriter of the Cretan musical dynasty, passed away. (b. 1936)


February 9

1857 – Dionysios Solomos, #Greek poet & translator, passed away. (b. 1798)

1893 – Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas, #Greek lawyer & politician, 163rd Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 1987)

February 10

1913 – Konstantinos Tsiklitiras, Greek long jumper, passed away. (b. 1888)

1919 – Ioannis Charalambopoulos, Greek colonel and politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 2014)

1948 – United Nations Security Council Resolution 17 relating to Greece is adopted. The resolution stated that t the commission created by United Nations Security Council Resolution 15 was not empowered to request the governments of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, or Yugoslavia to postpone the executions of any of their political prisoners unless could give witness that would assist the commission in its task.

1956 – Emmanouil Tsouderos, Greek banker & politician, 132nd Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1882)

1967 – Dionysios Kokkinos, Greek historian & author, passed away. (b. 1884)

1975 – Nikos Kavvadias, Greek sailor & poet, passed away. (b. 1910) He used his travels around the world as a sailor, and life at sea and its adventures, as powerful metaphors for the escape of ordinary people outside the boundaries of reality.


February 11

1776 – Ioannis Kapodistrias, Greek politician, 1st Governor of Greece, was born. (d. 1831)

1915 – Patrick Leigh Fermor, English/PhiHellene soldier, author, & scholar, was born. (d. 2011)

1935 – Germanos Karavangelis, Greek-Austrian metropolitan, passed away. (b. 1866)

1964 – Greeks and Turks begin fighting in Limassol, Cyprus.

February 12

1945 – EAM (Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo – National Liberation Front) and the Greek Government signed a peace agreement to end fighting.

2016 – Yannis Kalaitzis, Greek cartoonist passed away. He also did the scenic and costume design for the 1977 film ‘Happy Day’, directed by Pantelis Voulgaris.  (b. 1945)


February 13

1888 – Georgios Papandreou, #Greek lawyer, economist, and politician, 162nd Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 1968)


February 14

1884 – Kostas Varnalis, Greek poet & playwright, was born. (d. 1974)

1941 – Paul Tsongas, Greek-American lawyer and politician, was born. (d. 1997)


February 15

1835 – Demetrius Vikelas, Greek businessman & philanthropist, was born. he was the first president of the International Olympic Committee . (d. 1908)

1923 – Greece becomes the last European country to adopt the Gregorian calendar.

February 16

1994 – Greece imposes an embargo on the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

February 18

1883 – Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek philosopher, author, & playwright, was born. (d. 1957)

2016 – Pantelis Pantelidis, Greek singer, passed away in a car crash in Athens. (b. 1983)


February 19

1959 – The United Kingdom grants Cyprus independence, which is formally proclaimed on August 16, 1960.

1962 – Georgios Papanikolaou,GreekAmerican pathologist, invented the Pap smear, passed away. (b. 1883)

February 20

1913 – After overcoming Ottoman defenses at the Battle of Bizani during the First Balkan War, the Greek army entered Ioannina.

1923 – Rena Vlahopoulou, Greek actress, was born. (d. 2004)


February 21

1913 – Ioannina is incorporated into the Greek state after the Balkan Wars.


February 22

1821 – Greek War of Independence: Alexander Ypsilantis crosses the Prut river at Sculeni into the Danubian Principalities.
1973 – Katina Paxinou, Greek actress, passed away.  (b. 1900)

1992 – Markos Vafiadis, Greek general & politician, passed away. (b. 1906)


February 23

1923 – Ioannis Grivas, Greek judge & politician, 176th Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 2016)

1943 – Greek Resistance: The United Panhellenic Organization of Youth is founded in #Greece.

February 24

1981 – The 6.7 Ms Gulf of Corinth earthquake affects Central Greece with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe). The shock killed 22 people and destroyed buildings in several towns west of Athens.

2016 – George C. Nichopoulos, American soldier & physician, passed away. (b. 1927)


February 25

1897Greece refused to withdraw the Greek volunteers from Crete. The Great Powers announce a blockade on Greece.
2011 – Nikos Alexiou, Greek painter & set designer, passed away. (b. 1960)

February 26

1883 – Alexandros Koumoundouros,Greek lawyer &  politician, 56th Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1817)

1952 – Theodoros Pangalos, Greek general & politician, President of Greece, passed away. (b. 1878)


February 27

1711 – Constantine Mavrocordatos, a Greek noble who served as Prince of Wallachia and Prince of Moldavia, was born. (d. 1769)

1880 – Xenophon Kasdaglis, Greek-Egyptian tennis player, was born. (d. 1943)

1943 – Poet Kostis Palamas died. He has been informally called the “national” poet of Greece and was closely associated with the struggle to rid Modern Greece of the “purist” language and with political liberalism.  His funeral became a public show of defiance to the occupation. (b.1859)



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