Greek History: September

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Greece has a rich and storied history. Every month at WindyCity Greek, we commemorate these important dates. Read on to learn what happened in September in modern Greek History.

September in Greek History

Let’s take a look back at what happened in September in modern Greek history.


Greek Flag Hellenic Spirit


1922 – The Greek Army, Navy and people revolt. The government is deposed and the King forced to resign. Venizelos returned to Greece.

1943 – The Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews of Athens failed, thanks to the combined efforts of Archbishop Damaskinos, the Greek resistance groups and the Greek people.

2007 – Forest fires that began earlier in the summer, ravaging the Peloponnese, were finally contained. More than 2700 square kilometers of forest, olive groves and farmland, plus 1000 homes and 1100 assorted buildings were destroyed in the blaze. Hundreds others were damaged. The catastrophe claimed 84 lives.


September 1

2005 – Thanos Leivaditis, #Greek actor and screenwriter, passed away. (b. 1934)

September 2

1877 – Constantine Kanaris, hero of the War of Independence and Prime Minister, passed away. 

1878 – Ion Dragoumis, Greek philosopher and diplomat, was born. (d. 1920)

1984 –  Manos Katrakis, Greek actor, passed away. (b. 1908)


September 3

1843 – Military coup and revolution caused by the King Otto’s refusal to grant constitution. Constitution was granted.

1954 – Marika Kotopouli, Greek actress, passed away. (b. 1887)


September 4

1977 – Stelios Perpiniadis, Greek singer-songwriter and guitarist, passed away. (b. 1899)


September 5

2007 – Nikos Nikolaidis, Greek director and screenwriter  of European avant-garde and experimental art film and underground surrealist cinema, passed away. (b. 1939).

September 6

1431 Demetrios Laskaris Leontares, Byzantine admiral and diplomat, passed away. 

1885 A bloodless revolution, launched under the reign of King George I in Eastern Roumelia, resulted in unification of the province with Bulgaria.

6-7, 1955   The Istanbul Pogrom, directed against the city’s Istanbul’s Greek, Jewish and Armenian minority, took place. dozens are killed in ensuing riots A total of 16 Greeks were killed, while many others were severely wounded, raped, and forcibly circumcised by the mob. Thousands of Greek-owned buildings were badly damaged or destroyed, accelerating emigration of ethnic Greeks from the city.

2012 – Sixty-one people die after a fishing boat capsizes off the İzmir Province coast of Turkey, near the Greek Aegean islands.


September 7

1883 – Theophrastos Sakellaridis, #Greek composer and conductor was born. (d. 1950)

1909 – Elia Kazan, #GreekAmerican actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, was born. (d. 2003)

1927– Dimitris Poulianos, #Greek painter and illustrator,passed away. (b. 1899)

1999 –  Athens was struck by the most devastating earthquake in Greece of the past 20 years. A total of 145 people died. The Turkish aid is the first to arrive. The two earthquakes (Greece had previously offered aid to Turkey following an earthquake) initiated the Greek-Turkish earthquake diplomacy.

2015 – Voula Zouboulaki, Greek actress, passed away. (b. 1924)


September 8

1904 – Tzavalas Karousos, #GreekFrench actor, was born. (d. 1969)

1914 – Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople, was born. (d. 1991)

1991The Macedonia name dispute arose, following the declaration of independence of the Republic of Macedonia, also known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

1999 – Michalis Kounelis, Greek violinist, passed away. (b. 1928)


September 9

1922 –  During the Greco-Turkish War, the Turkish army entered Smyrna. Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Smyrna was lynched and murdered by a Turkish mob incited by Nureddin Pasha. The way effectively ended with Turkish victory over the Greeks in Smyrna.


September 10

1937 – Nine nations, including Greece, attended the Nyon Conference to address international piracy in the Mediterranean Sea.


September 11

1821 – Tripolis fell to the Greeks, who proceeded to eliminate the Ottoman garrison, officers and civilians. 30,000 people perished.

1986 – Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Greek academic and politician, 138th Prime Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1902)

2001 – 39 Greek Americans lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center in New York. The nearby St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was completely buried by the collapse of the South Tower. 

2004 – The helicopter carrying Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandria and 16 others (including journalists and three other bishops of the Church of Alexandria crashed into the Aegean Sea while en route to the monastic community of Mount Athos, arguably after an explosion. None survived. The cause of the crash remains unknown.


September 13

1843 – The Greek Army rebelled (OS date: September 3) against the autocratic rule of king Otto of Greece, demanding the granting of a constitution.

1884 – Petros Voulgaris, Greek admiral and politician, 136th Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 1957) 

1908 – Karolos Koun, Greek director and playwright, was born. (d. 1987) 

1922 – The final act of the Greco-Turkish War, the Great Fire of Smyrna, commenced when Smyrna was set on fire. Approximately 100,000 Greeks perished. 

1927 – Tzannis Tzannetakis, #Greek soldier and politician, 175th Prime Minister of Greece, was born. (d. 2010)

1938 – Tatiana Troyanos, #GreekAmerican operatic soprano was born. (d. 1993) 

1943 – More than 5,000 Italian soldiers were executed by the Nazis in Cephalonia or perished in the sea, during the German takeover of the Italian occupation areas.

1986 – Kalamata earthquake caused heavy damage and killed 20 people.

1997 – Georgios Mitsibonas, #Greek footballer, passed away. (b. 1962)

September 14

1902 – Giorgos Papasideris #Greek singer-songwriter who immortalized Arvanite folk music, was born. (d. 1977)

1910 – Yiannis Latsis, #Greek shipping multi-billionaire tycoon notable for his great wealth, influential friends, and charitable activities, was born. (d. 2003)

1923 – Nicholas Georgiadis, #Greek painter, stage and costume designer best known for his work in ballet, was born (d. 2001)

1994 – Marika Krevata, Greek actress, passed away. (b. 1910)

1999 – Giannos Kranidiotis, #Greek politician and diplomat, passed away. (b. 1947)

2001 – Stelios Kazantzidis, #Greek singer and guitarist, passed away. (b. 1931)

September 15

1918 – World War I: Allied troops broke through the Bulgarian defenses on the Macedonian Front. 

1843 Andreas Metaxas became the first Constitutional Prime Minister of Greece. 



September 16

1896 – Pavlos Kalligas, Greek jurist and politician, Foreign Minister of Greece, passed away. (b. 1814)

1977 – Renowned opera singer Maria Callas passed away. (b. 1923)


September 17

1975 – Nicola Moscona, Greek-American singer-songwriter, passed away. (b. 1907)

1982 – Manos Loïzos, Greek-Egyptian composer, passed away. (b. 1937)

1996 – Spiro Agnew, Greek-American soldier and politician, 39th Vice President of the United States, passed away. (b. 1918)


September 18

1964 – Constantine II of Greece married Danish Princess Anne-Marie.


September 19

1970 – Kostas Georgakis, a Greek student of geology, sets himself ablaze in Matteotti Square in Genoa, Italy, as a protest against the dictatorial regime of Georgios Papadopoulos. 

1949 – Nikos Skalkottas, Greek violinist and composer, passed away. (b. 1901)


September 20

1960 – Cyprus joined the United Nations. 

1961 – Greek general Konstantinos Dovas became Prime Minister of Greece.

1971 – Giorgos Seferis, #Greek poet and diplomat, Nobel Prize laureate, passed away. (b. 1900)


September 21

1990 – Takis Kanellopoulos, Greek director, producer, and screenwriter, passed away. (b. 1933)


September 23

1821 – Tripolitsa, Greece was captured by Greek rebels during the Greek War of Independence.

September 25

1947 – Giannos Kranidiotis, Greek politician and diplomat, was born. (d. 1999)


September 26

1687 – The Parthenon in Athens is partially destroyed by an explosion caused by the bombing from Venetian forces led by Morosini who are besieging the Ottoman Turks stationed in Athens. 

1922 – Takis Miliadis, Greek actor, was born (d. 1985) 

1932 The village of Ierissos in Chalkidiki was wiped out by a powerful earthquake. 161 people reported dead. 

1943 The Battle of Leros began, which culminated the Dodecanese Campaign during the Axis Occupation and Resistance.  

1989 Greek liberal politician Pavlos Bakoyiannis (husband of current Greek politician Dora Bakoyianni) was assassinated by the terrorist group N17.



September 27

1922 – King Constantine I of Greece abdicated his throne in favor of his eldest son, George II. 

1941 – The National Liberation Front, the largest resistance group, was founded. 

1984 – Chronis Exarhakos, Greek actor, passed away. (b. 1932) 

2000 – The first Olympic Gold Medal ever for taekwondo was won by Greek athlete Michail Mouroutsos in men’s -58 kg division in Sydney.



September 28

1893 – Giannis Skarimpas, Greek author, poet, and playwright, was born. (d. 1984) 

28-29, 1941 – A spontaneous rebellion in Drama was repressed by the Bulgarian occupation forces with a death toll of 3,000. 

1945 – Manolis Rasoulis, Greek singer-songwriter and journalist, was born. (d. 2011) 

1946 – A national referendum favored constitutional monarchy. 

2003 – Elia Kazan, Greek-American director, producer, and screenwriter, passed away.  (b. 1909)

2012 – Chris Economaki, Greek-American journalist and sportscaster, “The Dean of American Motorsports.” passed away. (b. 1920)


September 30

2015 – WindyCity Greek was launched in Chicago. Maria A. Karamitsos transformed the Greek media landscape with a new kind of publication. WindyCity Greek is the world’s source of positive Greek news. Happy Birthday to us!


Greek History – September: Did we miss anything?

Did we miss an important date in modern Greek History? If yes, drop us an email and well add it to the list.


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