Greek Instagramers Events Showcase the Beauty of Greece

The group Greek Instagramers Events creates shows like the #My_Greece exhibition to showcase and promote the beauty of Greece through amateur photography. Learn more!

Greek Instagramers Events

Greek Instagramers Events is a team of amateur photographers that has been organising photography focused events since 2013. These events are open to all their friends to participate and have fun. This non-profit artistic group, established by George Verdados, Elli Agiannidi, and Stavroula Spyrea, stemmed from connections made via the social media platform Instagram. These artists decided to share their passion with a wider community of photographers, and created a place to meet as well as exchange thoughts, knowledge and experiences. Greek Instagrammers Events gives them the opportunity to showcase their work and enjoy free time by doing something they all love: photography.


Greek Instagramers Events creators
The creators of Greek Instagramers Events: (l to r) George Verdados, Stavroula Spyrea, and Elli Agiannidi. IMAGE:


A valuable group

The group gives value to every achievement and every goal they accomplish. They started with a small photo exhibition, gathering only 70 photographers and they have come to count 270 participants in only 4 years. Their work has been featured in 8 different exhibitions to date. They’ve also begun supporting important organizations, like one helps mothers and children in need.

The events not only lead to new friendships, but also the individual photographers gain better exposure and opportunities, because they become widely known showing their work to larger audiences.


Greek Instagramers Events photo by Dimitris Gerebakanis
This stunning photograph, “Rethymno” by Dimitris Gerebakanis, was exhibited at an exhibition hosted by Greek Instagramers Events. IMAGE:


At the photo exhibitions that take place in various cities in Greece (Chania, Thessaloniki, Athens, Trikala, Ioannina), the photographers meet people from other countries, helping promote Greece and its beauty around the world. The pictures have also been exhibited on one of Greece’s biggest ferry boats that travel back and forth from Athens to Crete daily, thus exposing the work to an even wider audience.

Large scale events like #My_Greece are financially supported by sponsors who help to print the group’s artwork and offer the exhibition halls to promote the work. The team has gradually become known to the artistic circles of the Greek cultural community, earning the support of important entities, such as The Technopolis of Athens and the Athinais Culture Center, who often host the group’s events.


Greek Instagramers Events photo book #My_Greece
#My_Greece is a photo book of images from Greek Instagramers Events. IMAGE:


#My_Greece, the Project

The team organises an annual photo exhibition, called “#My_Greece”. It’s the outcome of their photo walks during the year. #My_Greece is not only their Instagram hashtag, it is also the name of their 4th annual photo exhibition, which focused on travel and street photography, inspired by the beauty of Greece. Co-founder Elli Agiannidi spoke about the initiative.

“#My_Greece” though, is a bit different project because participants were asked to participate with photos of Greece focusing on the human element. A human presence that makes pictures more vivid, emotional and adds a story to tell.”

Members of Greek Instagramers Events felt the need to tell a story going beyond the landscapes, giving the audience a view of Greece mostly through the everyday life of Greek people.

This year, the exhibition was followed by the release of a long-desired photo book. The book, also called #My_Greece, contains all the photographs from the 270 photographers that took part in the exhibitions. Through its pages, the reader experiences a journey through the beauty and the everyday life of the country. This includes life as it is in the neighborhoods, urban and suburban places different seasons and occasions – in the arts, history, an culture – in every corner of Greece. The #My_Greece book is available in many Greek bookstores and online shops. The revenues from the sales have been donated to benefit Kivotos tou Kosmou (The Ark of the World), a voluntary, non-profit organisation for special care and maternal and child protection.


Future plans

2018 comes with a plethora of events that will bring together people who love the art of photography. Plans include presentations out of Greece, new photo books to support charity associations, and some interesting photography seminars, workshops, and other photo-related projects.

Anyone can join the group as a participant or even as a member of the organizing team. All friends of photography are welcome, whether they are professionals or amateurs.


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