Are you a Greek-Kefi Woman? Find out!

Greek-Kefi Woman by Kiki Vale

Time for some Kiki Kefi! This month, Kiki talks about the women who lead a Greek-Kefi life, and discusses just what makes a kefi-filled life – and why you need to live it. Read on to find out!


The amazing Greek-Kefi Woman                            

Let me tell you about what I like to call the “Greek-Kefi Woman.” Women of Hellenistic/Greek descent continually amaze me in every way. They have an organic, natural inner and outer beauty, which personifies their ethos. They are on a mission to create prosperity, and they are determined in life to do the right thing! These admirable characteristics seem to be generational, passed down from mothers, grandmothers, koumbares, aunts, cousins, and friends in the community.  My mother, may her memory be eternal, was the quintessential Greek woman who lived the Kefi Life. She inspired me to pen this article. She recently passed away, and I offer this as a small tribute to her.

Here’s a snapshot of the Greek-Kefi Woman.


Who is the Greek-Kefi Woman?

This Greek woman does everything with Kefi, living a full and robust life for herself and her family. She is the cornerstone of her offspring and her spouse, with the goal to better herself and all those in her life.

How does she do all this?

First and foremost, she loves and leans on her creator. God is her guide in all she does. God designed the Greek-Kefi Woman to be a woman of strength and light through his direction, and on this course, she travels confidently, energetically and faithfully down her path, occasionally stumbling, but never stopping. This female force embodies the link between self, family, and community.



My mother Katina was the quintessential Greek-Kefi Woman. She continues to inspire me each and every day. IMAGE:



The Greek-Kefi woman loves deeply and therefore lives fully. This love has a trifecta composition with self, family, and community, in that order. With a continual effort to evolve into the best version of herself, a Greek-Kefi woman understands that she has value, which without a doubt, influences those in her midst. Self-love perpetuates the routine of developing emotional and physical health, therefore allowing this woman to lead her family to holistic wellness. She goes about healing herself, and then by osmosis, she can nurture and nudge her loved ones to be whole and happy.



The family is the heart of a Greek-Kefi woman, and she finds satisfaction helping each of the members of her family to become better in every way. She must live with intention to be present, and wisely parent her children, if she has children. She knows that to raise a family is a profound job that will affect the next generation. It’s widely accepted that a family is a basis to any healthy society or community, and the two should complement each other. The priorities set in the home equate to the state of success in the community where the same people go about life. We live at home, and we live in the community, so it makes sense to fuel both of these with love, encouragement, and attention.



The Greek-Kefi woman is philotimi in her community, and to those in her life. The word philotimo comes from the Greek root words “filos,” meaning friend, and “timi,” meaning honor. This intense word, philotimo, which the Greek-Kefi woman personifies and lives, encompasses pride in family, pride in the community, and doing the right thing.

Elder Paisios aptly defined philotimo this way:

“That deep-seated awareness in the heart that motivates the good that a person does.” A philotimos person is one who conceives and enacts eagerly those things good.”

GOOD is what a Greek-Kefi woman is, and more importantly, she is aware that her behaviors are not only a reflection of self, but a reflection of her family, and her community.


Are you a Greek-Kefi Woman?

Or maybe you know one. Tell us in the comments.

Most will agree, a Greek-Kefi Woman is a treasure to behold. If you know one, definitely treasure her. I’m eternally grateful to have been raised by the ultimate one in my life — MY MANOULA! Αιωνία της η μνήμη! May her memory be eternal.



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