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Greek Panorama 2017

The lights of Greek tourism, culture, and gastronomy will flash in the heart of Manhattan, this May, for the highly-anticipated exhibition, Greek Panorama.



Greek Panorama will showcase the best of Greece: culture, travel, gastronomy, shopping, and more, May 12-13 in NY.


Greek Panorama arriving at Grand Central Station this May

Greek Panorama, the 1st exhibition focused on Greek tourism, culture, and gastronomy, will arrive at New York’s Grand Central Station, this May. Organized by Hellas North American Events, Inc. in collaboration with North Events, the events will take place May 12-13, 2017.

Hellas North American Events Inc. in New York is working closely with North Events in order to provide a full scope of promotion and ad services in the U.S. This exhibition is one of the most important activities.

Main scope of activities focus on developing the Greek tourism sector, propelling awareness for Greece, and providing the right communication channels. North Events works closely with both the public and private sectors in Greece to achieve best results and overall meaningful and result-oriented campaigns and promotions.

This dynamic and integrated event will serve as a giant ad, promoting Greece and all it has to offer. With 3 American airline companies now flying direct to Athens and the daily flight of Emirates — all year-round — the exhibition steps forward to bring Greece closer to the American travel audience, and America.

At historic Grand Central Station, Greek Panorama will take place in Vanderbilt Hall, May 12-13. Featuring presentations for each tourist destination in Greece, this exciting event will promote sectors such as luxury tourism, Greek gastronomy, real estate, shopping, yachting, cruises, and more. This event was organized with the support of the main tourism operators in Greece and abroad.


Celebrity guests

The Greek community, as well as the Greek-American community, stand together on the side of this important initiative. Great personalities will be present at the exhibition, and many surprises are in store for participants.

Also, a special edition of the Greek-American magazine Hellas Blu will be released just prior to the event opening. It will include some additional surprises such as the famous ultramarathoner Konstantinos (Dean) Karnazes.

The magazine will be published three times a year with content exclusively dedicated to Greece. It will include among others, extensive special editions focused on selected destinations in Greece, interviews with key persons of the Greek-American community and distinguished Greeks and Americans from the political, business, sports, and artistic world. Look for columns devoted to gastronomy, culture, and specific forms of tourism, as well as news, proposals and useful information about Greece, its tourism, services, products, events, etc.




Greek Panorama public day events will take place at the historic Grand Central Station in NY, May 12-13. IMAGE: NORTH EVENTS


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Day 1: Professional Meetings

The 1st day, May 11, is dedicated exclusively to professionals from the U.S. and Greece. B2B meetings will take place at a nearby hotel. The meetings are designed to cultivate professional relationships and networking. Key members of the U.S. tourism market will be in contact with representatives of Greek tourism.

In the evening, professionals and exhibitors will attend the official dinner of Greek Panorama, with guest representatives from the Greek and American tourism market, as well as numerous journalists and participants.


Days 2 & 3: Public Days

Greek Panorama is open to the public on May 12 and 13. Admission is free. The exhibition will take place in Vanderbilt Hall at Grad Central Station.


Greek Panorama showcases Greece

If you’re in NY this May 11-13, check out Greek Panorama. Watch the promo video. Help support and promote the best of Greece!

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