National Poetry Month: Greek Poets – Onoufrios Dovletis

Onoufrios Dovletis Greek Poets

To commemorate National Poetry Month, we’ve presented a curated collection featuring contemporary Greek poets. In this bonus feature, meet one more — Athens-based poet Onoufrios Dovletis.

National Poetry Month 2017: Celebrating Greek Poets

Welcome to our latest series, in honor of National Poetry Month, celebrating the work of Greek poets.

From Sappho to Ritsos, Greeks have always had a way with words. In celebration of National Poetry Month, we have collected some delightful and moving poems by contemporary Greek poets.We’ll spotlight a different writer each week. We hope you enjoy this series.

In this bonus feature, the last in our monthlong series, we present a poem in Greek, by Athens-based poet, Onoufrios Dovletis. He selected his poem, “Διός σου”, (Yours), which he said was inspired by “the loneliness we feel when our loved one is gone”.


Onoufrios Dovletis Greek Poets
Greek Poet Onoufrios Dovletis


Δικός σου by Onoufrios Dovletis

Άσπαρτο πλέον το σεντόνι.



Να καρπίσει.

Να χαρίσει.


Στην καρδιά μου.

Απ’ την Ελλάδα.

Από ένα καλό χωριό.

Δεν έχω τίποτα άλλο να σου στείλω

όμως ρε φίλε μου,

και να σε δω δεν έχω πλέον μάτια.

Έλα να σταματήσεις το μωρό που κλαίει

με το τραγούδι του ανέμου.

Οι τέντες παίζουνε αλύπητα κι αυτές

ετούτο το τραγούδι

με τα τσιρίγματά τους.

Και τότε ησυχάζει ο ωκεανός

που σπέρνει την ανάσα μου.

Μα ’σύ, δώσ’ μου το στήθος σου να


να είμ’ όλος δικός σου.

Δικός σου, όπως μου ’λεγες…

Τελικά με πήρ’ ο ήλιος.

Έλα και ρίξε μου ένα ποίημα κουβέρτα,

να μην κρυώνω πια,

κι εγώ

θα είμ’ όλος δικός σου.


Meet Onoufrios Dovletis

Onoufrios, named for his grandfather, was born in Thessaloniki. He and his family moved to Athens when he was 10.

He studied history and archaeology, translation, writing and acting, in Greece, Italy, and England. In addition to writing poetry, he is an actor and a he is a licensed, and highly rated tour guide. in Athens. Previously, he taught kids and adults, on various subjects. He’s also a translator. Onoufrios has a passion for languages, and has studied Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, and Russian.

He’s been working as a translator since 2005, specializing in history, archaeology and travel guides. In the course of his work, he’s translated, cookbooks, and more.

Onoufrios said he’s been writing as long as he can remember, however, in high school it became a great way for him to express himself. He began writing short stories, but over the past years he’s been drawn to a more poetic direction. The prolific writer composes poetry and song lyrics. Greece, acting, and the Greek language are among his greatest passions.


Connect with Onoufrios Dovletis: website

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