Better Check Your Greek Property – It Could Be on Forestland!

Greek Property Forestland

Your Greek property could be on designated forestland. Athens-based Architect Katerina Sirouni explains how to check and what this means for you. Read on.


Is your Greek property on a designated forestland?

The Greek Government has recently introduced NEW forest maps for 33 different areas throughout Greece including the Prefectures of Arcadia, Laconia, Messenia, Chios, and Kerkyra, just to name a few.

The purpose of developing forestry maps is to accurately record forests and forestland throughout the country. Maps are formed by recording existing forests and forestland, areas that were once deforested and/or altered and areas that were reforested and/or forested in the meantime.

These maps are necessary for the Greek Government not only to protect its natural environment, but also to secure property rights and ownership titles in cooperation with the Hellenic Cadastre.



Check to see if your Greek property is on a designated forestland. Your property rights depend on it. PHOTO: KATERINA SIROUNI



Check your property NOW

Owners can verify if their Greek property has been identified as forest or non-forestland by navigating the search engine of the Hellenic Cadastre.


What if my property is on the list?

Don’t be surprised if your patriko or olive grove in your hometown village has been identified as forestry land like my mother’s in the rural area of Arcadia. If your property has been falsely identified as forestland whereas it is not, you are lawfully entitled to submit objections by paying a certain fee depending on the size and value of this property.

As the law stands now, applications for objections are filed 15 days after the issuing of the specific forest map of interest. The deadline is 60 days after that date for Greek citizens and 80 days for owners residing abroad.     

To properly submit your objections, you must be able to precisely identify your land boundaries on the maps. The most reliable approach for this, is with an accurate and updated land survey, an issue we have stressed on repeatedly in past newsletters, in our Article Series first published in 2014, as well as in our first U.S. Greek Property workshops in Chicago in 2014.

You will need that land survey in the future. Contact us or any reputable land surveyor to complete this process for you. Don’t wait. Your property rights depend on it.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general and may change or not apply in all cases and should therefore NOT be considered as advice or consultation to act upon. Contact a professional to be sure your rights are properly protected.

Have a question? Do you have a question about Greek property laws or how to protect your Greek property? Send me an email.

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