Greek Start-up: Nannuka Helps Parents Find Reliable Childcare

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Finding reliable childcare can be challenging. New Greek start-up Nannuka brings together innovative technology and a personal touch to solve that problem.



From house hunting to dating, online services are the future. Yet, Lela Dritsa-Psarros realized one sector was missing, a sector that mattered to her as a working mom. That was how Nannuka was born, an online platform that pairs up parents with child care providers. The site profiles, classifies, and pre-checks candidates; and gathers reviews from parents.  



Founder and Co-owner Lela described Nannuka.

“Browsing through Nannuka’s profiles is such an easy, straightforward rewarding process.”

Parents create a profile on the site, and so do professionals seeking work. The site also features a series of smart search tools to match parents and caregivers. Parents can also post a job ad and leave it to the professionals to express their interest to work for them. It doesn’t end there.

“What makes us unique is the extra care we personally attach to the security and trustworthiness of our services.”

Nannuka staff interviews every childcare expert that becomes a Nannuka member. The team also evaluates a caregiver’s suitability and checks official papers including identity cards, education diplomas, certifications and references.  

“You won’t find automatic phone centers or answering machines here at Nannuka. We talk one on one with parents and childcare experts. We can guide them through their registration process, listen to their concerns and offer solutions to their problems.”


Thriving in the crisis

Lela, who is based in Athens, is proud her company is flourishing despite the economic crisis in Greece.

“Our road up until this point has been filled with passion but also with difficulties. We had many challenges and the first steps were rather awkward. Our strategy was constantly being re-evaluated to meet changing needs.”


The Nannuka team, including Co-Founders Lela Dritsa-Psarros, Catherine Lambrou, and Natalie Levi.




Lela explained that Found.ation,  a leading startup enabling platform for tech-oriented products and services in southeast Europe, offered the Nannuka team valuable insight and knowledge. She attended a Found.ation convention, which brought her in touch with the first investor and other angel investors followed. Currently, Venture Friends is leading Nannuka’s latest round of investment.

“What really keeps us going almost three years after Nannuka’s launching, despite all the difficulties in Greece’s foggy business skyline, is feeling that we have accomplished a relevant needed service for families today. The many emails of gratitude from parents who are content with their babysitter choice and from qualified professionals who found the job they deserved is just wonderful. All of this in such a troubled job market.”



Lela and her team are thinking big. In time, Lela said the company would like parents and childcare professionals from all over Europe to connect through the website. Nannuka has already successfully expanded beyond Greece into Italy. The United Kingdom will follow.

“Mothers were sending us messages celebrating our idea and highlighting the need for a trustworthy service that could be a ‘family’s best friend.’ These opinions truly motivate us to do more.”

As they look to the future, they remain dedicated to their original vision.

“We have stuck to our core visions and this is our success. We aim to be helpful to fellow families, to make life with kids easier and to find jobs for thousands of childcare experts through an easy, trustworthy and modern way.”


Learn more about Nannuka on their website


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