Taste the Islands in Greek Wine Master Classes at Kouzina 2016

Nicole Andersen, Greek Wine Girl

Our Wine columnist, Nicole Andersen, a.k.a. Greek Wine Girl, will be presenting Greek wine master classes at Kouzina 2016. Learn about and taste wines from Santorini, Paros, and Crete.

Greek Wine Master Classes

WindyCity Greek Wine Columnist Nicole Andersen, our very own Greek Wine Girl, will lead Greek Wine Master Classes on November 3 at National Hellenic Museum’s Kouzina 2016.

About Nicole

Nicole Andersen is a 17-year veteran of the restaurant business. There she developed an interest in wine. In 2010, she began burning the midnight oil, studying wine. In this capacity, she was introduced to the world of Greece and her wines. The quest to study them and a great passion for Greece and Greek wine was born. She’s a sommelier, and specializes in Greek wines.


Nicole Andersen, Greek Wine Girl
Greek Wine Girl Nicole Andersen

NEW! Greek Wine Master Classes

This is a brand new offering for Kouzina. Nicole will host three master classes about wines from the islands of Santorini, Paros, and Crete. Nicole told us briefly about what to expect at the master classes.

“I’ll be talking about some of the indigenous varieties, my experience visiting vineyards on these islands, and more. I’m really excited about this!”
Greek wine master classes are sponsored by Avli, D&S Imports, Taxim, and WindyCity Greek.

Taste the islands

These brief “Intro to the Islands” classes will take place at the top of each hour on the 3rd floor of the museum. Kouzina guests can sit in on a Greek wine master class devoted to one of the three islands. In the 15-20 minute sessions, they’ll learn — and oh yes — taste a varietal from that particular island. Plan to engage all your senses.

“Education is really important to creating awareness and getting the word out about Greek wines. Santorini is finally on the world map, and Paros is not far behind. There’s a lot of buzz out of Crete, and you’ll surely be hearing more about wines from Crete in the near future.”
Greek wine master classes at Kouzina
COURTESY National Hellenic Museum

Kouzina 2016

In the last few weeks, you’ve met Honorary Chef Chair Peter Minaki; learned about ZEOS Beer, which will make its Midwest debut at Kouzina; and you’ve met the chefs. Don’t miss Greek wine master classes,  — plus a few more surprises — you’ll have to attend to find out. This self-proclaimed food and wine enthusiast is counting the days.

Kouzina 2016 will take place on November 3 at National Hellenic Museum, 333 S. Halsted, in Chicago’s Greektown. 

WindyCity Greek is a media sponsor for Kouzina 2016

Updated: This event took place November 3, 2016

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