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Popular website celebrates its milestone by supporting select Greek-American organizations for their commitment to Hellenism. Find out more! committed to promoting Greek culture

Among the largest and most popular English-language websites dedicated to Greek culture, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Anyone in the publishing and internet world can tell you this is no easy feat. For the past two decades, the site has operated with one goal in mind – to promote Hellenism around the world. From local resources for the Boston and New England area, to articles about Greek culture, including travel, food, history, mythology, and music, remains committed to its mission. On the site, one can also stream the radio broadcasts of Grecian Echoes and The Greek Program with Eleni Vidalis, as well as listen to Greek music.

Extremely proud of their heritage, Nick Stamoulis and Tanya Stamoulis of Brick Marketing, an internet marketing company, acquired the site in 2014. Over the last 4 years, the duo has made extensive changes to the site, and grown the audience from 75,000 unique monthly visitors to 500,000 visitors per month. The couple said they’re looking forward to the future.

“Every day my wife Tanya and I enjoy the hard work we put into as a destination for all people that appreciate Hellenic culture.  We look forward to another great 20 years for”



20 for 20 celebration

To celebrate of their 20th anniversary, Nick and Tanya decided to do something a little bit different. Instead of spending money on a party or other event, they decided to give back to the Greek-American community that has supported them tremendously over the past two decades. They selected 20 not-for-profit organizations based on their commitment and dedication to promoting Hellenism. The organizations include AHEPA, Alpha Omega Council, American Hellenic Institute, Boston Lykeion Ellinidon, Daughters of Penelope, Elios Charitable Foundation, Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England, Greek America Foundation, Greek Children’s Fund, Hellenic American Academy (Lowell, MA), Hellenic Cultural Society of San Diego, Hellenic Foundation (Chicago), Hellenic Relief Foundation, National Hellenic Museum, National Hellenic Society, National Hellenic Student Association, PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, The Greek Institute, The Hellenic Initiative, and The Hellenic Women’s Club.

Nick spoke about the selection and’s 20th anniversary.

We are very excited to celebrate this major milestone of 20 years online and contribute to 20 amazing Greek organizations that support Hellenic culture as much as we do. We look forward to another twenty years of success and growth, so that future generations can learn about and admire Greek culture!”


Congratulations to our friends and!

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