Hellenic American Academy Programs Promote Greek Culture

Hellenic American Academy Cultural Programs

Programs at Hellenic American Academy promote and celebrate Greek culture through the arts.


Hellenic American Academy, founded in 2004, is committed to promoting the Greek culture. It’s mission is “to cultivate the body, mind and soul of our students through academic, cultural and spiritual programs while instilling a sense of pride in Hellenism and devotion to Orthodoxy.” As as an institution promoting education and culture, this mission is extended beyond the young students. Cultural programs at Hellenic American Academy seek to not only educate Hellenes of all ages, but to celebrate our rich culture through the arts.


We spoke to Director Takis Theotokatos about the cultural programs and the upcoming theatrical performance.






Cultural programs at Hellenic American Academy

Not only is Hellenic American Academy home to Socrates Day School and Greek language classes for all ages, it is also a place to celebrate our heritage through the arts. Since 2006, they’ve hosted more than 150 events, ranging from music, dance, drama, poetry readings, comedy, art exhibitions, children’s programming, and more.

Takis explained the purpose of the programs.

“We promote and showcase Greek and Greek-American artists in the community, as well as artists of other ethnic backgrounds whose subject matter involves Greece. These programs are important because they provide not only entertainment value, but are a means to bring people together, and to share our love for our culture. We strive to present the highest quality entertainment.

Over the years these programs, all produced in-house, have entertained more than 10,000 people.


Cultural Programs at Hellenic American Academy

Adult Theatre Ensemble

Established in 2006, the Adult Theatre Ensemble has produced more than 13 plays written by eminent Greek playwrights, including Dimitris Psathas, Alekos Sakelariou, Giorgos Skourtis, Kostas Mourselas and others.

“It’s really exciting to produce these diverse works, and feature many talented performers. More than 70 Greek and Greek-American amateur actors have graced our stage.”

The plays are adapted to space and technical capabilities at HAA, as well as local audiences.

“The whole process is really exciting. From the from the initial reading, to rehearsals, to performances, to audience feedback, we’ve watched the performers evolve.”

These productions are produced through the generous support of many individuals in the community, including Grand Sponsor Athens Construction Co.

‘ΜΠΑΜΠΑΔΕΣ ΜΕ ΡΟΥΜΙ’ (Cream Jelly Puffs With Rum)

Hellenic American Academy Adult Theatre Ensemble Xanomaste Group will present ‘MΠΑΜΠΑΔΕΣ ΜΕ ΡΟΥΜΙ’ (Cream Jelly Puffs With Rum) on June 16-18. The play, written by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Mihalis Reppas, is presented under the direction Takis Theotokatos. The black comedy takes aim at selfishness and greed. Not appropriate for kids under 16, it features performances by Maira Zantidis, Marios Kefalopoulos, Olga Makri, Mihalis Mastorakis, Thomai Ntanga and Helen Sarantopoulos.

“We selected this play because it describes and satirizes behaviors that run through many aspects of modern Greek society, behaviors — such as selfishness and greed — that are, certainly, part of the reasons which have led to today’s crisis in Greece. It pokes fun at these behaviors and more. We’ll have you laughing non-stop.”



Tickets are still available for ‘ΜΠΑΜΠΑΔΕΣ ΜΕ ΡΟΥΜΙ’. Call 847.317.1063. Hellenic American Academy is located at 1085 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL. For information on future performances, follow Hellenic American Academy and Xanomaste Group on Facebook.  


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